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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video: Essential Last Minute Marathon Tips & Running Advice

This was shared by Mark M. at our Filipino runners group in Facebook.  Just found it amusing and it reminded me of some of the stuff I still need to do before my marathon on Sunday. Yikes! :p

Did he miss out anything?

Happy Weekend, everyone! =)
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  1. I love this! last one is my favorite!

  2. Great video, I dont think he left out anything. GOOD Luck on your MARATHON.

  3. this is great!! Love the last one especially!

    Good luck!!!! Have fun!!!!

  4. I love this one...think also, "I can do this" whenever the going gets tough. Good luck!

  5. Eating pasta the day before I don't agree with but I know a lot of people do it. I say start carbing 2-3 days prior to race day and not the night before but everybody is different and what works for me may not work for others.

    Are you ready? I know you are.

  6. Good luck this weekend. You will be strong and successful with a smile.

  7. Good Luck on Sunday - Have a great run

  8. Have a great race --

    AND I LOVE this!!

  9. very nice way of presenting tips :)

  10. This was great! I think he got just about everything.


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