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Friday, February 4, 2011

Can I Hear a WOOT WOOT!

Check out these steamy photos!....

Now that I have your attention....(Wooh!  It's getting hot in here!)  I so want to tell you..."Yes! that is ME and MY sexy body!"...but, it is NOT.  Sorry guys!  Or have you figured that out already?  Haha!

Any idea who it really is? 

Her steamy Skechers Shape-ups commercial is premiering during The Big Game this Sunday, February 6th...

It is airing close to the two minute warning during the second half...
She is "breaking someone’s heart.” (Exactly who is the surprise!)...
You’ll have to watch the SuperBowl on Sunday to see exactly what happens...

Have you guessed who it is?...

These are screenshots of the SKECHERS Shape-ups Super Bowl commercial, starring....

Kim Kardashian!

Mike seems to be very excited about this commercial since she's one of his celebrity crushes.  As you know, I am running my marathon this Sunday and he asked if we will make it home in time to watch the Super Bowl.  Seriously?!  Haha!  I assured him I will run fast and that we will be able to watch the game and Kim's commercial.


To receive special offers and enter a Kim Kardashian sweepstakes after The Big Game, all you have to do is LIKE Skechers on Facebook. =)

All those racing this weekend, good luck!  Run fast, run safe and have fun!

Are you racing this weekend?
Will you be watching the game this Sunday? 
Do you think my body will ever be as sexy as Kim's?

Ok you don't have to answer the last question!  Happy Weekend, Everyone! Big hug!

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  1. good luck to you on Sunday!!!

    not racing this weekend it is my son's bday party sunday!

    yes watching super bowl although I really don't care about american football :)

    not a fan of Kim K sorry...

  2. I am racing the following weekend, I will be watching the game Sunday and you already look just like KK! :)

  3. Yes I'm running this weekend.

    Yes I'm sure I'll be watching the game kind of, while intaking about 2000 calories or so.

    An though I have not meet you. In y eyes you already have that Kim chick smoked by mile. IMHO !!

  4. Who is Kim Kardashian? Is she a new runner? Tell me something interesting about her, you are far more interesting!

  5. Uh oh, I better shield my boyfriend's eyes from the tv around that time LOL

  6. good luck! i'll be running this weekend, not as far as you though :)

  7. Have a great race this weekend!!!

  8. Good luck this weekend Julie! Isn't your body ALREADY as killer as KK's?!!! I think so!

  9. Hey friend! Just wanted to wish you good luck this weekend! Hopefully we'll be meeting this afternoon!!! Yay Surf City!!!

  10. Best of luck! Thinking of you and wishing you a happy and safe race! You're awesome, girl!! :)

  11. Good luck on the race Julie!

    You almost had me fooled, Kim K looks good! Wish I had a tummy like that!

  12. thanks for leaving a comment on my laundry room at remodelaholic! i appreciate it!


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