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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Do You Love Running?

In celebration of Valentine's day yesterday, I asked this question on my Facebook Page.  Thanks to those who answered.  I have to agree with them all.  Such great replies to a simple question...

"I would have to say I run to stay in shape. As I get older it is harder to keep the weight off. I do love running in the mornings when not alot of people are up and the birds are sing. It doesnt get any better that." - Penny Eckstein Frey

"It helps me love myself better! It releases my tension and stress and anxiety. I'm not a big crier--although I have strong emotions--I sweat my tears!! Its something I do for myself and no one else can do it for me and it really benefits no one but me. Which is important for a busy, working mom of 3 young kids. And it sets a great example for my 3 daughters." - Corinna Castillo

"I love running, because God gave me a natural gift, that I cannot squander. I use this gift to help inspire others in running, and to share my love for the volunteers and charitable foundations." - Friendy McFrienderson

"I love running because ... it gives me alone time to think & pray; I can compete against myself instead of others; I feel amazing when I finish a run!" - Heather Underwood

"I love to run because I love to feel my body in motion. I love the way that my success (or failure) is truely a reflection of my efforts, dedication, sacrifice. No one can take that away from me. No.One." - Gene Soboleski

"I love running because it makes me strong, it is challenging, it allows me to eat cookies and not feel guilty and I love seeing the progression throughout years of running." - Megan Fay

"I love running because it is my freedom. :) I can take time to think and relax and take care of myself. I love the way it makes me feel like I can accomplish great things, like whatever I set my mind too! :)" - Sara Phythyon Wyen

"it's my own version of stresstab :-)" - Teresa Gangan

"I love running because it's my time, a race against myself, and there are always different ways to challenge myself : )" - Molly Sleeper Baker

To my dear runner friends, may it be the kind of love that will never cease.  We are committed!  This is our passion. 

How about you? 

Why do you love running?  


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  1. I love running because it's a freedom not everyone has. Not everyone is free to pick up and go, even for a few miles. People are locked up by their bodies, or their minds, by safety issues, by emotional barriers. I love running because I CAN run, and I cherish that.

  2. I love running because it's my "me" time. Time in my own head with no one whining or crying or needing anything from me. It my time to accomplish something in a day that sometimes little gets accomplished... when there's always more laundry, always more dust, always more! I love running!

  3. We (almost) never cook red meat at home, mostly because we suck at cooking steak and we prefer for other people to make our burgers, so we usually only hit up red meat when we go out to eat, and even then we usually order something else.

    I'm sure if I were better at cooking steak it would be a bigger problem.

  4. Those were all great responses, and what a great idea! I love to run, because I can do it anywhere, anytime, and it is always waiting for me. Life gets busy, and I sometimes don't run...but I can...whenever I am ready! It's my forever friend!

  5. i love running because of those rare moments where you feel like you've mastered it. what an ego boost!

  6. Great messages! Very encouraging. Running has changed my life, not just physically ... and has allowed me to help change the lives of others as well.

  7. It's not just RUNNING, it's a way of life affecting social habits, eating, drinking, sleeping and just about everything else - and all for the better. Considering I'm still capable of churning out eight minute miles approaching 80 years old I reckon I've got the mix just about right, and I've no intention of stopping!

  8. i just looove these thanks for sharing! It is always so fun to see that everyone has their own internal reason for running and it's amazing

  9. I love running because it has opened up new worlds for me. From running all over the country, to meeting bloggers, to food for fuel as well as taste, to meeting my has all revolved around running and now triathlon.

    It has given me more than I can ever give it back.


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