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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Review and Votes Needed

Let me start off by saying I love CSN Stores!  In case you haven't heard of them yet, it's like your one stop online shop for everything.  CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything like modern office furniture, shoes, jewelry, exercise and fitness stuff, and a whole lot more!

As you know, we just got our place so we are slowly decorating it - slowly converting it from a house into a home.  Some of the stuff we have here at home were purchased from CSN Stores. I have to say that their shipping was fast and all arrived in good condition and exactly as described on their site. 

You cannot possibly finish browsing through the CSN Stores site in one day.  They have so much to offer and so much too choose from!  That being said, I need your vote on something.  Let me know which I should purchase next.

1.  Dash and Albert Rugs - RDA060 - Woven Aquinnah Cotton Contemporary Rug
   - this is our living room's color palette.

2.  Simplehuman - kt1078 - Sensor Soap Pump
  -  I've always wanted this! =))

3.  Cory Everson - 2103KB - Kettle Bell Set with Storage Rack
  -  ok...ok...this is certainly not some sort of decor for the home but it does match our color palette!  Haha! There's also one for each family member. :p

So...which one do you think I should get next? =)



  1. THE RUG!!!! pretty colors! and its one of those things you kinda don't want to get but once you do you'll be soo happy you did.

  2. The simplehuman soap dispenser! We have one in our bathroom and love it!!

  3. Well….I would probably buy the kettlebells. But the most practical would be the rug, then the soap dispenser and then the kettlebells. What do you “need” the most?

  4. ooo...if you've always wanted it I'd say go with the soap dispenser!! That thing is seriously AWESOME!! :)

  5. Kettle Bells!!! I love em' :D and those ones are pretty :)

  6. Kettle Bells! I love mine, and I actually need heavier ones now!


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