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Monday, February 14, 2011

Race Review & Recap: Surf City Marathon 2011

Aaaaannnnddd... more than a week after comes my Surf City Marathon Race Review and Recap!

We were 30 minutes early coz we wanted to get the closest parking to the start and finish line.  Unfortunately, a whole lot of other people woke up much earlier than we did and beat us to it.  That's alright.  I needed the warm up anyway.

# 1 LOVE - There were a lot of restrooms.  Yes!  I was able to use them twice before the start so once again, I didn't need to use it during the marathon.

Miles 1-2 Huntington Beach Pier and Main Street
The Start was right on Pacific Coast Highway between the ocean and the Hilton Waterfront Beach Hotel.  It was coooold! Brrr!  Gun start was at 6:30 and it was still dark as you can see...

We headed north towards the Huntington Beach Pier and Main Street.  I tried not to get all excited and maintained an easy pace. Must conserve energy.

Miles 2 -9 Huntington Central Park
# 2 LOVE - I have to say this is my favorite part of the course (I thought it was gonna be the oceanfront). We ran through the beautiful park, by the lake and was cheered on by lots of enthusiastic kid volunteers.  They were the best really! 

Miles 9-15 Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
We were back on the PCH and you can hear (and smell) the ocean.  It was still cold and a bit foggy.  Yey! halfway there.

Miles 16-25 Beachfront Running Path
Between these miles I realized that I was getting tired.  It was all mental from here all the way to the finish line.  I drew motivation from anything and everything I could see and hear right on the course - the beautiful ocean, the sound of the waves, the birds, the surfers, etc. (# 3 LOVE)  I even recalled words from you guys, my bloggie buddies, to get me going.

Jen telling me, "Suck it up, Buttercup!
Carina screaming, "Push!"
Emz assuring me, "You've freakin' got this!"
Jason reminding me, "Yes you CAN!"
James Franco lovingly uttering the words, "I believe in you!"

Wait? Whut? Huh? I'm starting to hallucinate!

It was getting really warm.  The sun was finally out and I...was...exhausted!!!  You can actually tell by looking at my photos.  I didn't even feel tired during my first marathon.  "Ok fine, maybe it wasn't a good idea to do my 2nd Mary just two months after my first. But I am gonna finish this and I will PR even if it's just a freakin' minute!", I thought.

looks like I fell asleep here! hahaha! :p

The Last Mile
Finally!!!  But it felt like 5 more!  That was the longest mile EVER.  But I had to dig deep.  Bring it on, Hotlegs!  I used the last mile to thank God for an injury-free run.  Tired, but thankful that I wasn't in any pain.  I started kicking it during the last 100 meters.  As soon as I could see the finish line, I started to sprint.  I was very tired but... I. WILL. FINISH. STRONG.  And I did.

I crossed the finish line at 5:17:10.  Ugh!  If only I went a little faster I could've done so under 5:17.  Darn those 10 seconds.  But it was still a PR for me.  It's just 2 minutes faster than my last but still a PR.

I'm giving this marathon a 5 HOT LEGS rating (perfect!)...

I really have nothing bad to say or complain about. Beautiful oceanfront course, cool weather, the best and most enthusiastic spectators and volunteers ever, numerous hydration stations, mile markers, post-race food, and the pretties/coolest medal I have so far!

Marathon #2...DONE!

More photos from the marathon HERE!!!

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Will feature replies in my blog post some time this week. =) 



  1. Congratulations girl!!!!! Awesome job. Will #3 be San Diego??????? ;-)

  2. Awesome job girl! I love all the pictures! You look great! Congrats on a new PR!

  3. That medal is awesome. Congrats on your PR!

    Now you can start thinking about marathon #3.

  4. yay! u did it! marathon #2 done and done! congrats on the PR! u r awesome!

  5. wow you seriously paint this as one of the most beautiful courses I've seen!! sorry you missed your pr, but it sounds like a great day and that's more important!

  6. i love all the pictures. way to finish WAY strong. congrats :)

  7. JULIE!! So sorry I haven't commented in a while, I have been lurking and reading and not commenting because GOOGLE READER won't let me. Anyway, CONGRATS!!! You should enjoy that accomplishment. Coolest medal ever.

  8. You are awesome my love! So so proud of you. I promise to run a marathon with you there. We will have differing finishing times, but we will both inspire each other to it. Mwah! Big Hug! And another Congratulations!!!

  9. Ok, I love the medal! So cute - almost makes me want to run that next year. Almost. :-) Congrats!!!!!

  10. Congratulations! Nice re-cap :)

  11. Well done! I really enjoyed your recap. I know so well how tough those last miles can be, but you did all the right things and finished strong. Congratulations on the PR! Lovely photos!

  12. A new Pr is awesome!

    Great job looks like you had wonderful weather.

  13. Nice recap and congrats on the PR. :)

  14. Congrats on the PR! Great job!!!! :)

  15. The more I read about this mary, the more I want to put it on my "to do" list!! Sounds like a breathtaking run and you should feel so proud of your PR!

    Could you really be any more photogenic?!! Geez--color me jealous!! Great pictures!!

  16. Congrats Julie!!!
    nice pictures!
    I want to do the half there next year

  17. Congrats on your 2nd marathon AND a PR!! That is great!! LOVE the pictures and the medal :)

  18. Congrats again Julie! Fantastic job as usual! :)

  19. I ran this race too and loved it. I will definitely do it again! Would have been nice to meet you!

  20. As always, you look adorable! Congrats on that PR!!! Great job, you'll get those 10 seconds next time!


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