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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 Things Tuesday

This post is two days early. Just can't wait until Thursday to share it.  Yes, I am THAT excited!

1.  Just in case you missed it on my Facebook Page...last week I signed up for my very first Triathlon.  Woohoo!  It's the Redondo Beach Triathlon in June.  It's 1/2 mile swim, 6 mile bike and, 2 mile run.  I'm stoked! LET'S DO THIS!!! =)

2.  Since I got my bike, I haven't gone on the main road yet.  Too scared to go alone! So I found a bike club here in our area and I am joining them this Saturday morning for a short 10 mile ride.  I'm so excited to meet new friends and to learn from them.  I need all the help I can get!

3.  I've been working out twice a day for the past 2 weeks.  I do my bike, swim or run in the morning.  Then at night, I go to the gym with Mike where I can supervise his workout (READ: go all Jillian Michaels on him.  RRrrraaaawr!) while I do my own (strength training, lifting weights, or use the elliptical machine).  I love it!  I love that we can workout together...finally! =)

Anything advice for a newbie wannabe triathlete?

Do you workout with your significant other?

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  1. Do you know what you're going to wear yet? If you're wearing a trisuit, practice swimming and running in it. If you're going to change, practice changing quickly, while wet.

    Really, transition time is a big deal, so practice being soaking wet and running up to your bike. Practice putting on your shoes and socks FAST while wet. FIgure out how to wear your hair so you won't have to mess with it other than pull your swim cap off and throw your helmet on (I've found a french braid works really well).

    Practice bricks, too. Mostly, hopping off a bike, throwing off your helmet, and running. Get your legs used to that weird rubbery feeling. Even if you just jog a block after every bike ride, it will help you SO much to know that feeling and know it will go away.

  2. Congrats on signing up for the tri! I have family in Redondo beach and I love it there. :)
    I occasionally run with my hubby but we usually have to tag-team work out so someone is home with the kids.

  3. Woo hoo! I'm excited for you, and that's my neck of the woods :-) Have fun training.

    About my dancing child - the funny thing is that I wasn't a dancer, I showed horses. I was on Drill Team in high school, but would never call myself a dancer. My mom was a dancer all through college - we swear it all skips a generation. She's loving her dancing granddaughter.

  4. WOW!! I've been busy and off my reading of the blog game lately - but WOW! Congrats on signing up for the TRI - that's super exciting!! I can't wait to follow your journey.

  5. Get the right gear for yourself in terms of clothing. Foggle will help with your goggles fogging up....
    .....but most of all ENJOY IT!!!!!

    Karen and I ran together for the first time in a long time this morning and it was awesome. I missed it more than I remember.

  6. way to go, my dear Julie! awesome! I might see you this year... Praying for it. will let you know. i miss you!

  7. Been trying to convince hubby to do weights with me, think he might. yay!

  8. Hey Julie--I started in triathlon, and you're going to love them! One piece of advice--incorporate brick workouts one to two times/week. These really help your body learn to run well off the bike. Enjoy it!

  9. YOUR FIRST TRI!!! Girl, I am so so excited for you and you are going to do absolutely amazing!! are officially my idol! Can't wait to follow your training, you are a rockstar!

  10. You're gonna love it!! stay positive - and like @Rose said, practice transition time and bricks. As I was reading your post those were the first two things that popped into my head. I talk a bit about training for my first tri on my personal blog here. Can't wait to follow your training - I'm thinking about signing up for one this summer!



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