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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Very Special Weekend

I almost didn't do my speedwork today because I wasn't sure I could sneak it in my hectic day.  Good thing I felt guilty and ended up doing it. Haha!  Just finished my workout and I am composing this post while I'm resting/catching my breath.

I am soooooo excited for this weekend because my sistahs are coming over!  They are not my sisters by blood.  They are actually Mike's sisters, which makes them my future sisters-in-law.  Yes, we are VERY close and I love them so much.  I have not seen them for a very long time.

Cherie (far left) is a very famous actress back home in the Philippines.   
Elaine (far right) is a bada** tennis player from Northern California.   
Maricar (2nd from the left) is a sweet prep school teacher back home too.
And that's me (second from the right) with short hair ... I'm a runner... soon to be triathlete.  Woot! Haha!

Cherie and Elaine are arriving tomorrow and I am BEYOND excited!  Unfortunately. Maricar won't be able to come so the Sex and the City ladies will not be complete. =(  I still dream of the day that all four of us will be together again in one place.

But, before they arrive tomorrow, I will meet up with my newly found bike group.  Excited about that as well since I will finally get to ride on the main road!

It's gonna be a weekend of laughter, love, wining and dining, watching the Oscar's, and loads of FUN!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!  Nothing like spending it with your loved ones. =)

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What are your plans for this weekend?
Do you also get along very well your sister(s)-in-law?

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  1. yeahhh for great weekends!! i think those connections are so important. I like my SIL's but we don't have a ton in common, so we don't go out of our way to hang out

  2. sounds like a fun weekend ahead!
    I am having a Oscar get together at my house after my 10k race on Sunday!
    Oscars is my Super Bowl!!!!

  3. What a pretty picture of all of you. Everyone looks so pretty!!!
    California better watch out.

  4. Way to get your speed in b4 your fun weekend!! Cheers!

  5. Hope you ladies had a great weekend!

  6. hope you had a stellar weekend! i almost thought i wasn't going to get my speedwork in today but i'm glad we both got it done :)


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