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Sunday, November 7, 2010

RoadID Winner & This Week's Roundup

First, I'd like to thank everyone who joined the RoadID Giveaway.  If you didn't win, I have $1-OFF coupons here for the ID.  I only have 3, so first 3 peeps to email me can have it.  I know it's just a dollar but still.  At least you're able to save even just a little. =)

And now for the winner of the RoadID Giveaway. has decided to award this gift of safety to....

#107 Ronnie of

Congratulations!!!  Please shoot me an email so I can fill you in on the details on how to get your RoadID. =)


End of the Week Roundup

Here's a roundup of the week's postings all in one place in case you missed any of them!
  • We all make mistakes.  But what's important is we learn from them.  Check out the 1st Lesson I Learned when I just started running. 
  • Sharing my very first race event pics for every distance for Photo Friday.
  • *Also included in the posts above are days 1 to 6 of my "30 Days of Thanks Project"

30 Days of Thanks (Day 7)
I am thankful for WEEKENDS -- most especially the long ones!  I remember when I used to work on Saturdays, even Sundays at times, but my mind was back home with my family! With us being here now, weekends are devoted to spending quality time with My 2 Mikes - Mikah is not in school and Mike has no work.  Hooray! =)

  • What's your favorite weekend family activity?



  1. yey! thank you very much julie! i have long been planning to have one at ngayon ay magkakatotoo na! i'll email you the details later. ^^

  2. A bit late happy Runanniversary!
    The best week end activity? To enter a race with my son or swimming in the pool with my family....and the lunch all together!

  3. Busy week of posting you had! Favorite weekend family activity - running a race with my family supporting and then stop for breakfast somewhere on our way home.

  4. Happy runiversary!!!

    How's the knee holding up? You had asked about my PT exercises. She just has me stretching my IT band about 4 million times a day and doing just about anything you can think of that will get a contraction out of the inner quads muscle: squats and lunges (but not so deep as to aggravate the knee), straight-leg lifts while concentrating on keeping the VMO contracted, putting a pillow or something (I use my foam roller) underneath your knee while sitting on the floor and straightening your leg out while raising your foot...

    But if I'm being completely honest, so far it's not helping.

  5. Congrats to your winner.

    My favorite weekend family activity is probably hiking or a race where everyone can be involved. This past weekend it was bathroom remodling...not my favorite!

  6. YAY ronnie!

    Favorite weekend activity - family time. Any where. As long as we are all smiling = happy me. ;)

  7. Hi Julie!

    I hope you got my message using your contact page last Monday. In case it failed to get through, you can send me the details of the Road ID at my email address: ironnie[at]gmail[dot]com. ^^

    Thanks and have a great day!


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