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Monday, November 8, 2010

Jeff Galloway Video (Part 3)

The Jeff Galloway Cadence Drill combines physical and mental training to increase speed.  It is common sense that the number of steps you take while running will make you faster.  Performing this :30 second interval training, 4 – 8 times, once a week , will help you accomplish your goal.  Let’s get training.

I've never counted my steps within 30 seconds.  I usually count up to a minute.  But the last time I did this was months ago and as Jeff said, it must be done every week.   Oops!

This type of training can be very frustrating ( I remember I was!) since changing one's stride rate is not an easy task especially if you've been running a certain way for years.  So just be patient.

TIP: In the video, you'll see Jeff running close to the ground with quick short strides -- this running style increases your rate of fast foot turnover.  This running style also helps us endurance athletes conserve energy for long distance runs.

Have you ever counted your steps?

30 Days of Thanks (Day 8)

I am thankful for my DAD and STEP-MOM - very special people in my life!  They have given me everything I could possibly need and are always there to guide and show support in everything that I do.  They are also awesome grand-parents to my daughter and their other "apos" (grandchildren).  They will move mountains just to be there for their grand kids (as it should be!).  I am thankful that I am much closer to them now that I am here in the U.S. and looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with them for the first time.

 Do you have awesome parents too?



  1. great video! i keep meaning to count my steps and increase my cadence but keep forgetting! maybe on my next recovery run. i always feel better when i increase my turnover...more powerful or something

  2. I have counted my steps, but not recently. My chiropractor has a running technique that he suggests to his patients and one of the things is high cadence, which I have adopted. I tend to get a strained calf or sore hips if I lengthen my stride.

  3. I counted my steps but in a minute drill, not 30 seconds. I will have to consider doing this. THanks for sharing. as always.

  4. I have counted my stpes during pick-ups that my coach schedules but we do it in :15 intervals and multiply by 4.

    It ogt easier but it was awkward at first b/c I tried to get to her number instead of being natural. After a couple of times I started to get the pick-up part right.

    Great for getting faster.

  5. It's difficult to understand the different running styles when people are typically used to seeing a runner in a long stride nearly kicking their backsides and reaching forward with their heels. Running with that form over the long haul is counter productive and risky. Don't tell the spectator that, when you quicken your step and shorten your stride they often think you look "tired." Ugh.
    I am going to try and do the drills more often now that I'll be on the lovely mill in the evening. ugh again! thanks for the reminder!

  6. One easy way to increase cadence is listen to music at a certain BPM (beats per minute). You can either google the BPM for songs you have, or there are some free podcasts you can get online at certain BPMs. I like Podrunner because his stuff is ~an hour long so I don't have to mess with my music often. I find that I tend to naturally alter my stride to match up with the music.

  7. I have never counted my steps before but you better believe I am going to try it now!! I love your thankful posts...they make me happy!
    I have awesome parents too! I don't know what I would do without them. I don't know how some people live without a strong relationship with their parents!

  8. I counted mine yesterday and in 30 seconds my steps were 50. In a minute it was 95. Darn it, couldn't get it to 100, LOL!


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