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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pacquiao - Margarito

No talk of running today or sharing of healthy recipes.  This short post is dedicated solely to boxing.

I cannot contain my excitement for tonight's fight!!!  There will be no running today.  I'm making preparations for tonight.  We will be watching the Pacquio - Margarito fight on pay-per-view with some friends.

In our country, when Manny has a fight, everyone is glued to the TV, there's less crime in the streets, and our whole country is united to cheer for our hero. Yes, in our country, he is considered as a national hero.

I am a Filipino and darn proud of it. So you know Manny is my bet!  And he will win!  This will be his 8th world title.  Imagine that?!

Go Manny!  You so freakin' got this!  He's (Margarito) got nuthin' on you! :p  Woohoo!!!  May God be with you!

This. Is. Gonna. Be. One. Hell. Of. An. Exciting. Fight.

  • Are you watching the fight tonight?
  • If not, how are you spending your Saturday evening?


30 Days of Thanks (Day 13)

I am thankful for my MOM.  For teaching me how to cook at a very young age.  I remember hating it back then!  I am very grateful now because I am able to prepare meals for my family which they enjoy so much.  I am also thankful for my mom for always reminding me to choose my battles wisely and avoid those you cannot win -- to know which ones are worth the aggravation and which are not and to not expect to win each one.



  1. Hi Julie,
    Have fun watching the fight:) Isn't it cool how a country can be united because of one person who is considered a hero! Awesome!

    BTY, every Filipino that I have met is so incredibly beautiful! Gorgeous, eyes, hair and skin... just like you:)

    Have a fantastic weekend Julie!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Awww that's so sweet, Julie! Well, my response to that is, all Julie's rock! Woot! ;p

  3. The love of my life is in love with the UFC. With that said he will probably be watching the fight and I will keeping him company then we plan on heading over to my friends house for some drinks for it's her birthday. Hope your guy wins will be cheering for him.

  4. Julie you are absolutely adorable!! I am so excited for your night tonight...sounds like a party!! I wish we were watching the fight tonight, but we are watching football all day:) Yay for a rest day!! Thanks for the sweet comments you always write, you make my day!

  5. Trying to figure out a way to get to the stadium to see the fight since there are still seats. BUT I don't want to give Jerry Jones any money.

    Maybe the wife and I will just order it when Chico goes to bed.

    I am pulling for Manny for sure.

  6. I'm just not a fight watcher. But I hope you had fun with that!! :-)

  7. I just heard about Manny this morning! They did a whole segment on him on CBS this morning!


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