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Friday, October 8, 2010

Five F's Friday

Family - Found Them!
Back in the Philippines I was part of a running community named,  Takbo means "run" in Filipino.  The members here, I consider my family.  They have helped me be a better runner, they inspired and motivated me, and even helped me break some PRs.  I miss them so!

I decided to surf the net to find running groups here in our area (CA).  After months of procrastinating, I finally joined them for a 10K run last night.  They were all very friendly, accommodating, and all fast runners!  Pretty bad**s for my standards!  I was happy I was able to keep up with the slowest pace -- 10:04.  It's a good thing I was scheduled to do a tempo run yesterday. 

As I've mentioned on my Facebook Page, one member said I will learn so much from these athletes.  I cannot wait!  Drinks, snacks (yummy homemade cookies!) and pizza were free after the run. Nice!  I finally found my new running family here.  Cannot wait to run with them again.

Facebook Fun Night
Friday is date night!  Mike and I plan to see "The Social Network".  Wasn't really planning on seeing this but everyone is saying it's an excellent movie.  Now I'm so curious!

Four x Week
Ran 4 days this week.  I usually just do 3 days a week.  Only because running 4 days a week back then left my ankles feeling sore.  Surprisingly, I feel okay this morning!  Hmmm...maybe I should go back to four.

Fruity Food
I lost 4 lbs. this month and I owe it all to eating healthy and exercise.  During weekdays I would only eat fish and chicken.  I only eat red meat on Sundays.  I also gave up on junk food for my afternoon snack (what an ordeal!).  I had to think of other alternatives.  So, I'm sharing this recipe of an easy healthy snack which I got from Fitsugar.  Only 110 Calories!

Warm Apple Toast
1 slice whole wheat bread

1 tablespoon all natural peanut or almond butter

Half a medium apple, cored and sliced

Sprinkle of cinnamon

    1.    Preheat toaster oven to 350° F.
    2.    Smear the nut butter on the bread. Top with sliced apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
    3.    Bake for 10 minutes, or until the apples are slightly soft.

Follow Me Where?
I've been wanting to change my twitter name for the past few weeks.  And I cannot decide which to use!  Fickle much? Help!  So far, these are my choices...

  • Do you run with or belong to a running group?
  • Have you seen the movie, The Social Network?  Any good?
  • How often do you run in a week?
  • What's your favorite afternoon low-calorie snack?
  • Which twitter name do you think I should use?

Happy weekend of running everyone!  Special shout out to those racing on 10/10/10!  Good luck!  Run safe and run happy! =)

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  1. I bike for a team, does that count?

    I have not seen that movie

    I am starting up again this weekend running, I been injuried all season

    Fresh Fruit!!!! Berries are preferred

    HotlegsRunner is my vote

  2. Thanks for the recipe!! YUM!

    Go for four days!

    And way to go on the eating!! Awesome!

  3. I think I found a running group to join, but hasn't happened yet.

    I run 3 days a week, bike 3 days a week.

    HotlegsRunner for Twitter

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I haven't seen that movie, considering it though, can't wait to hear what you think. I'm part of a running club in a close-by city but I don't run with them much, usually just races. Wish there was a closer group, but I live in the middle of nowhere. I think hotlegsrunner to match your blog?

  5. I do not belong to a running group, nor have I seen the movie. I used to run 4 times a week, but my coach has me at 5 times a week now.

    My favorite snack in the afternoon is a banana, a piece of toast with jam and a big tea with milk.

    JulieHotlegs - says you are a girl, HotlegsRunner - is neutral, JRHotlegsRunner may not look the best with all the letters in a row.

  6. I run with a group.

    I haven't seen the social network, but my daughter says that it's a good movie

    I run 3 days per week, cross-train 3 days, rest 1

    I like greek yogurt as a midmorning or midafternoon snack

    no clue.

  7. 1. i'm looking for a group / team. just haven't found one yet!

    2. nope haven't seen it. but i'm lame and don't know what movies are out now. the first time i'd heard of this one was last night

    3. ummm cereal and yogurt? i guess it can be either low or high cal depending on what you types you eat

    4. ummm i have no idea. i hate twitter with a passion. but i think that if you're going to use it in conjunction to the blog then hotlegsrunner is the way to go for consistency sake

  8. Julie--great for you to have found your new running family there in CA.

    Don't pretend you're slow. Sooner or later, they'll find out what a monster runner you are! Here's to more enjoyable runs for you!:-)

  9. There's a small group I tag along with once a week. I do have friends that run, though, that I try to schedule with on occassion.

    I say go for 4. I run 5 days a week typically. I actually feel better with more frequent runs... but I also suck at cross-training. If I cross-trained better, I'd cut a run or two... maybe...

    Favorite snack - hands down - Edamame...

  10. update: Social Network was dope! I think it was money well spent. Yes, I speak geek =)

    I will change my twitter name from hanagirl28 to HotlegsRunner on Monday.

    thanks for all your suggestions =)

  11. I don't belong to a group but think I might like to...not sure. I keep hearing so much about Social Network, I'm going to have to see it!

  12. I usually run alone, I use the time to work through any worries I have. Plus I love the freedom of just running wind in my hair and nothing to hold me back x x


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