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Saturday, October 9, 2010

5 Reasons You Need to Love Bodyweight Exercises (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! On this fine Saturday afternoon, guest blogger, Rafi Bar-Lev, will talk about why we need to love bodyweight exercises.  It definitely is a must read!  In fact, after reading his post, I tried doing the Burpees for the very first time.  Sadly, within 5 minutes, I was only able to do 55!  

*sigh* ... It left me breathless for about the same amount of time I did them.  I laid on the floor breathless --- to my daughters amusement (she timed and counted for me)!
What a workout!  I'm thinking of doing the Insanity Workout after my first full marathon and Rafi's article is very encouraging.  So without further ado, I give you Rafi Bar-Lev's, "5 Reasons You Need to Love Bodyweight Exercises"....


Tons of people are under the false impression that they need expensive equipment or gym memberships to get in amazing shape - but it's simply not true. In fact, the only thing you need to get into great shape is your body! That's what makes bodyweight exercises so amazing.

Here are 5 reasons you need to love bodyweight exercises:

1. They're free. Unlike expensive equipment, doing bodyweight exercises are completely free. Not only can you get in amazing shape doing them - but you can do it without spending a dime!

2. You can do them anywhere. No longer do you have the excuse of "you're too tired to commute to the gym" or that you don't have time. With bodyweight exercises, you can do them anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want. Even if you only have 5 minutes at home, work, or school, you can take some time to do bodyweight squats and planks!

3. They're effective. There's no coincidence that the #1 thing on my exercises to lose weight list was a burpee, a kind of bodyweight exercise. Bodyweight exercises have been proven to work - which is why even serious weight lifters incorporate them into their routines.

4. They're safer for beginners. Beginners are less likely to get injured when doing bodyweight exercises as opposed to working out for the first time with weights - which means that they're able to push themselves harder from the beginning and thus are more likely to get better results.

5. They're fun. The best part about bodyweight exercises is the more you do them, the more you get the feel for them and are able to be creative. There are tons of interesting exercises that can be done with your body and if you ever get bored - you can change your routine by adding some of the more creative exercises. If you get really good, you might even be able to invent some new exercises!

Bio: Rafi Bar-Lev is a fitness fanatic and founder of the community fitness site, Passionate Fitness - Fitness Tips. He recently wrote a post about compound exercises. Check it out! 

I hope you enjoyed reading that post as much as I did.  Thank you Rafi!  After I post this, I will go for another set of burpees.  I am so challenged! *game face on*

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I think I'm going to like fall, except for the rain and cold.

    Anyway, this is a nice read. Tried doing burpee once but never get around to finished it. I'm working on doing a standard push-up though, still a work in progress.

    Keep running and the post coming...:-)

  2. One of my favorite way to exercise is with body weight, its harder than you think and has lots of benefits. Great post x x

  3. Ahhh burpees those horrible little things!

  4. I don't know how many burpees I could do if given a whole day. But the body weight stuff is very good. I love doing perfect push ups, I just need to work on the stomach a bit. Oh, btw, I saw your comment about the greek yogurt. I just started to eat that a month ago. Awesome stuff there. It tasted better too, like whipped cream. lol

  5. This one's interesting Julie! Will take a look at it. I am really not a gym-goer, so I guess this one's best for me :)

  6. I used to be so good at doing those burpees when I was in high school:) I attempted to do those a few months ago....yea, I need a little work!

  7. I love doing burpees, they are a standard in my workout, just a good total body exercise.

  8. Alot of crazt crossfitters do blurpees for one mile on their birthday. Thats just crazy


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