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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bed Weather = Laziness

I've been complaining last week about the heat wave here in California.  Last Sunday, I prayed for cooler weather this week.  I didn't only get cool weather, but it's been raining as well.  God sure has a sense of humor!

Cold and rain?  Not good for me.  My body responds to this dreary weather by acting all sleepy, sluggish and lazy.  Baaaad for training.

not my cat

this is my narcoleptic lazy chihuahua, Tiffany

I almost didn't make it to the gym the other day coz I wanted to take a nap or watch TV instead.  I ran yesterday morning but my drug (endorphins) didn't do much for me.  I still wanted to just stay in bed.  But apparently, my will power is so much stronger since I was STILL able to get my bum off bed and did my workout for each day. It wasn't an easy battle though.

I am reminded of the quote I posted on my Facebook page the other day...

"Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body. " - Lynn Jennings, 9-time champion of the USA Cross Country Championships

I couldn't agree more with this! Strong mind and good mental discipline!

We all struggle with bouts of laziness.  It is perfectly normal to feel this way once in a while.  But I guess I can easily overcome it for these reasons...

1.  I absolutely dislike procrastination and non-productivity.
2.  I know at the end of the day, I will hate myself for being lazy and not accomplishing anything.
3.  I think of my goal: to finish my first marathon before the cut-off time.

So for any of you who have been feeling some sort of slothfulness the past few are not alone.  We should just remember Nike's slogan, -- JUST DO IT.

I'll leave you with some tips on overcoming laziness:
  • Start your day with some prayer, inspirational reading or meditation to snap you out of your lazy spell.
  • Ask yourself, why you are training.  What is this for?  The answers should leave you inspired and motivated.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.  It's a good habit that will give you energy and kick up your metabolism the right away.
  • Coffee - self explanatory, hehe!
  • Reward yourself with a special treat when you're done with your run, workout or whatever it is you set yourself to do for the day.

Aaaaannnd... that's what I'm going to be doing now.  I am done with everything I have to do for the day since I am writing this blog the night before it's actually posted (love scheduled posting!).  So I shall check my fridge and see what I deserve for getting things done for this day.

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Happy 'Productive' Thursday, everyone!

  • How do you overcome laziness and procrastination?
We could all use a good tip! =)

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  1. I like to post up my "A" race thru out the house, stick it up by the front door, bathroom, kitchen, a little constant reminder of what I am training for.

  2. I am a complete procrastinator, so I do my workouts first thing, before work.

  3. Whenever I need to do something "important", I'd try to get to it before other stuff comes up or worse, before laziness and procrastination sets in.

    I agree with coffee...:-)

  4. As fall settles in on the East coast I struggle with the lack of sunlight and the "shortened" days. Okay it seems like they are shorter! ;-)

    I have deep habits that keep my moving most days. When laziness settles in I ask myself if I will be okay later with taking what ever amount of time off (for me right now that's only running once a day instead of twice). Usually I get the workout in with the encouragement of my kiddos but sometimes a little rest helps make me eager to get back at it for the next workout.

  5. I use to be a procrastinator, but now, I tend to.....

    Oh... I.

    Let me get back to you.

    Golden Girl's are on.

  6. Problem with coffee in the morning for me is that sometimes I use it as a tool to aid my procrastination. Just one more cup.... Hahhahah

  7. cold and rainy totally means i don't want to do anything either! but it also means that whatever i do i am proud of because i actually did something hahah

  8. well... at least it's good to know that i'm not alone.

    saaaaraaapppp matulooog... *yawn* =p

  9. How do I overcome laziness? I guess I just need a break at times - from running and blogging. That's what I called conditioning myself, LOL! Seriously, I guess when I'm being lazy, I simply convince myself that I'm not - mental will that is. It's mind over matter, and aside from Nike's slogan; you can use Adidas' too - It's ON ME.

  10. Oh yeah, you know how I love the coffee!! Great tips. I do the water one too.

  11. Great tips guys! Thank you =)

    LOL @ Mark! Golden girls??? hahaha!

  12. I'm like a lot of others posted... it's too easy to procrasinate later in the day... my mode is to get it done ASAP. If that means waking up at 5am, that's when it happens... otherwise it happens the second I drop off 2/3 of my kids at school. Waiting until the afternoon is almost a sure sign that it won't happen.


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