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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trail Running Virgin No More!

After beach running this summer, my next goal was to try trail running. Well, all I can say careful what you wish for.

When I would visit Sir Rene's blog, I would always see pictures of him running in different trails. I can honestly say it was the picturesque terrain that really aroused my curiosity. Oh but do not let the aesthetics fool you. It's really pleasing to look at, but when you're actually running in it...ahhhh now there's the hidden twist. The unforgiving, natural assault of rocks, mud and water was very humbling. In short, trail running wasn't as easy as I thought it would be!

Nevertheless, I welcomed the challenge with open arms (like I always do). Imagine, it took us hours to finish 15 kilometers?! Well also coz we stopped a few...ok...a lot...of times to take pictures. Hee! :p Even if we were just doing "picture pace" we were really exhausted. Trail running will really push your stamina and agility to the limit.

What I really enjoyed was the cool fresh air and the stunning scenery. Once in a while I would close my eyes and breathe in deeply to take full advantage of the natural surroundings.

Trail running was like a breath of fresh air to my workout. It added a little spice to the monotony of running on pavement. What a wonderful come back from my 3-week running hiatus!

Thank you Sir Rene, Jet, DocT, Tere, Aaron, Rod, Mar, and Vic for making this despedida trail run possible. I feel so privileged to have shared my first trail running experience with you guys. Truly, it will be one of my most memorable runs. =)


Fun times with el capitana

I think it likes me. =)

You can't really see it here,
but that was a REALLY steep hill!

Slippery when wet

Break by the brook

Brunch. Super Hungry!

*Thank you Rod and Aaron for the pictures. =) ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

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  1. if not for your despedida run, i won't hit the trails til next year hahaha... have a safe trip and have fun! =)

  2. Hi Julie, that looked like a great run. :) Not to mention more challenging. I've got barefoot running on my "must try" list. Seeing your photos, trail running looks like a fun thing to try too. :)

  3. juliepie!!! yup, tama si jet. kung hindi mo despedida, di ko din pupuntahan yan. i'm a trail virgin too. =D


    let's schedule an LSD in Cali.. o-ha!

    we'll miss you!!! have a safe trip!!! regards kay pareng mike. ;)

  4. Hi Julie, did you happen to run at BHS yesterday? I think I saw you there.

    Anyway, yes, that's what I love about trail run - the scenery. I just ♥ nature.

  5. Oh my! The terrain looks really challenging. It looked like a different world out there. Too bad I missed it :( It's ok. Let's do trail running in Sept ;p

  6. Too bad you'll be leaving us very soon, Julie. i just wanted to leave you something of a memory run to take it with you to Irvine. Hope you'll be able to run trails there and share this with us! Bye and take care!:-)

  7. Kassy mentioned to me that you'll have a despedida run, I wanted to join but Kassy forgot about the schedule, hehe! Anyway, I hope you'll still continue to keep in touch with us about your running.
    Take care Ms. Julie

  8. That was a great run...looks the run is fun and the gang are happy running...^_^


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