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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've finally decided to go on a running hiatus until the end of this month or at least until the weather is cooler. For the life of me, I cannot run long distances in this hot and humid weather.

So for a week, I did nothing. And I got REALLY bored. My body was aching to move. So I decided to get busy with other forms of exercise.

Dancing - Every Tuesday, our dance company (Hotlegs) holds its weekly company classes to keep us in tip-top shape. We warm up for about an hour. This involves stretching, floor exercises, crunches, plies, etc. Then we do corners, which involves grooving, walks, twists and turns, extensions, jumps while moving across the dance floor. And for the last 15 minutes of the class, we learn a short dance routine. Check out our video from this week's class below.

- This is my other love. The last time I did this was in Boracay early this month. My very first open water swim! So yesterday, I went to the Camp Aguinaldo Pool to do some laps. It was such a hot day yesterday. Temperature was a scorching 37 degrees! I jumped in the pool excitedly but was instantly disappointed. The water was warm. REALLY warm. So much for cooling off. Hot springs, anyone? Nonetheless, I was able to do 30 laps. I plan to build more swim mileage this summer.

My unique pink swim cap and pink goggles!
Still looking for a pink tri-suit ;p

Ultimate Disc
- This was my first sport ever, would you believe? I was never really sporty until I reached the age of 28! I fell in love with this sport instantly in 2002. The last time I played was in 2004. Last month, I started tossing and joining pick-up games. Even joined the summer league! I belong to The Breakfast Club Night Shift team. It was suppose to be just a "fun" team. A good mix of old players and newbies. But whaddya know...we made it all the way to the quarter finals! LOL! All the sprinting we do here is perfect speed training. At least I'm still running =)

In the near future (really near, I hope), I wish to add CYCLING to this list. All I need is a Bike. When I finally have one...Triathlon, here I come!!!

Which cross-training routines do you do?



  1. It seems that cross-training is the order of the day this summer. In my case, I was forced into it by my running injuries :-(

    Keep on running!


  2. Ms. Julie, pareho pala tayo. I am not sporty either, until I got acquainted with running!

    Unfortunately for me, I have no cross-training. But I do hope to have at least play badminton once in a while.


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