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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Baaaack!!!

No, not back in Manila. But back from my blogging hiatus. I HAVE been a delinquent blogger, I admit. I have not posted nor read a single blog since I left Manila. My last post was two months ago! Tsk! Tsk! I've been really busy since we just got our place here. And that is what my post today is all about. What I have been up to and what has happened to me for the past two months with regards to my running/training.

New country, New Route
I have to say, I love running here in the U.S. most especially here in California. The weather is awesome! It can get really warm, but there's always a cool breeze that goes with it. Where we live, we have a trail in our backyard where other runners and cyclist also go for their training. It is very safe and well lit at night. The trail is separated into two. You can either run on pavement or soil.

I usually run on the soil part esp when my ankles and knees are sore.

In the afternoon to night time, all the runners, walkers and cyclists come out.

Finally, a Garmin!
It's about time I got myself one, I know! Actually it was an advance birthday present from my dad and step-mom. I'm such a data freak so I really really needed and wanted one of these. I use it to log in my run and bike training, as well. Meet Lady Ga-Garmin...

I never train without her. =)

Nice, New Pool
Nothing like a nice... new... and HEATED pool to get you motivated. Great timing for swim training too since it's summer here. This pool is located inside our complex and there are hardly any people here during week days. Sweeeeet.... =) Slowly, I am getting used to the freestyle. I alternate it with breaststroke still though.

This pic doesn't give it justice. Much prettier than this.

I am finally bike training. No, I did not buy a bike yet. Still saving up for it since it's more expensive to own one here. But... I was able to borrow one from a friend. It's not actually the nicest bike, but hey, it has wheels. This will do, until I get my own. I also bike in the trail where I run. I realized that I'd rather run uphill than bike uphill. Oh the pain on my glutes! But I am loving this sport so much! What I love even more are the BIKE LANES here! Can't help but wish we had those in Manila. =/

Gahd! I look like a kid here.

Well, that's about it. That's what I've been up to in terms of my run, bike, and swim training. It wasn't difficult to adjust to the new place, weather and other conditions at all. In fact, I regret all those times I visited this country and didn't try running. Oh well, I wasn't into sports yet then.

I hope it won't take another two months until I update my blog. I missed blogging and I missed reading the blog posts of my friends. Until my next update! Later, athletes!

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  1. Ay, inggit ako sa pool. nice!

  2. Pano yan, papalit ka na ng blog name?

    Hotlegs triathlete na... :P

  3. Hi Ms. Julie, welcome back sa blogging. The blogging world missed you as well :)


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