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Friday, May 14, 2010

HOT Hot Legs!

I never thought I'd say this but, I so want summer to be over! For the past few weeks I've been whining about the hot and humid weather. I only started running last November, so this is my first summer as a runner. And I am not liking it.

I can't run more than 5K because of this insane weather! I try, really I do. I hydrate, I tried running early morning and late at night, etc. But the heat is really my achilles heel. I used to regret not signing up for my first full marathon this May, but now I am happy I didn't coz I'm gonna have a difficult time training and running such a long distance in this heat.

After logging in a measly 2.25K last night, I've decided to go on a running hiatus until the end of the month (or at least 'til the weather is much cooler). I know true runners shouldn't have any excuses, but I still wanna live to run in the future. I am considered high risk heat exhaustion department. I've passed out before. Yes, i am human.

Bikram running, anyone? No thanks. =/



  1. hotlegs, run in the evening! :) its way much cooler than the current inet, and you dont have to worry much about the heat :)

    camown, you have to train for your last run here you know? the 1st Hotlegs Run! :)

    ayt? ingat and hydrate! :)

  2. Totally agree with you on the weather but mornings runs (mine at 4am!) aren't too bad. :)

    You can try the treadmills at the much cooler gym so you're still conditioned for when summer ends. It can get a bit boring but the high after a run makes it worthwhile. :D

  3. @Tim: But I do run at night. =( It's still too humid. Last night I ran at 8pm. Barely made it to 2.25K. pathetic! =(

    @astellarbreakfast: Yeah was thinking of doing that coz 6am is already hot and humid for me =(

  4. i think that is a wise decision. if you think your body cant handle it, why risk it? i think most people are in to running as a way to be healthy...

    i so want summer to end as well but im a little worried as well with the rainy season. i started running last nov and i think that was the perfect weather.

  5. yep its hot... and runners like you make it a lot hotter (hehehe ok ba?)

  6. I fully understand you Julie. The weather is so hot!!!

  7. Hi Julie, chanced upon your blog and found it interesting. Super agree that the summer heat really wears you down. Try taking your runs with friends. I find that I can tolerate the heat better when I see others running in the heat as well. Hope this helps. -Mariel:)


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