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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Got my Running Groove Back!

I've always been used to running alone. I actually prefer it that way. No pressure. No conversations. Just me, the road, and my thoughts. I look forward to running every other day. Just like most of my runner friends, I consider this as "ME" time. It's been a part of my weekly routine since late last year. I lace up, warm up, turn up the music on my iphone, and RUN. Simple.

However, when my fiance (who has been gone for almost a year) flew in last February, my running routine changed. He was only here for 2 weeks but he immediately took an interest in running. After my race at the Century Superbods Run, we had his gait analyzed...

His 1st gait analysis at Runnr

Mike's running shoes: K-Swiss Tubes

...Two days later, we went to Secondwind to have another gait analysis and there we also got him his first running shoes. How exciting!

It was a cool Tuesday night. I was warming up and he was copying everything I was doing. After a few minutes I asked, "Are you ready?"

He nodded, almost looking nervous. And we were off.

Looking shy =)

I could feel his excitement and at that moment I remember feeling really happy (and a little kilig). I didn't mind running along side of my man. With him, I didn't mind slowing down, I didn't mind holding a conversation while running, and I didn't mind stopping for a quick break. I found my "sole" mate!

We alternated brisk walking and running so his body would slowly get used to it. That night, he did his very first 3K run while I continued to run my usual 5K on Tuesday nights.

The next day, he swam with me at Camp Aguinaldo to cross-train.

On Thursday we went to the ULTRA oval. We ran together during my warm up and he patiently waited for me while I did some speedwork.

Friday, he didn't swim or run with me. He volunteered to help me with my training for the Ateneo Aquathlon. So he timed my swim, my transition and my run.

The next week, same routine.

So by the time he left to go back to the U.S. I felt lost and lonely. In the 2 weeks that he was here, my routine was altered in the sense that, it was basically the same as before but with
Mike in it. So when he left, I had withdrawals.

I tried to run but it felt different this time. My body felt really sluggish. Almost catatonic. I couldn't wait for my run to end. By the end of the week, during my Sunday long run, when I was suppose to do 12K, I only did 6K. This has NEVER happened before. That I didn't finish a run? N-E-V-E-R! I knew I was extremely sad, I lost my motivation to run, and wanted to just stay home in bed all day.

The next week, same thing.

With only days to go before the aquathlon and less than 2 weeks before my next 21K race, I knew I had to somehow snap out of it. I didn't run this Monday and Tuesday. I really didn't feel like it at all. But this Wednesday night, I dressed up an hour early so that I could will myself to run. And run I did.

At steady pace of 7:04, I ran 6K and I felt great!

Still missing my fiance and feeling lonely, but I knew I got my running groove back. Back to the old routine. Back to being the lone runner that I am. But still looking forward to running with Mike on U.S. soil..or should I say...pavement, come May of this year. *fingers crossed*


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  1. awww sweet! :)

    baka naman pag balik ni mike eh halimaw mode na sha ah :) hehehe

    it's nice he's been bitten too! (by you!) wahahaha :)

    keep on running :) and dancing :)

    see you around hotlegs! :)

  2. Great last picture! Says it all! See you around!:-)

  3. hi mam, salamat for dropping by and we're glad to be of help.

    i had an interesting discussion with you regarding over pronation and foot placement / alignment, seems you also have been reading on it.

    anyway, hope you and mike drop by again soon kahit tambay lang.

    peace ~ hector

  4. nakaka kilig naman ang story mo, iba talaga pag may ka buddy.

    See you sa Ateneo Aquathlon sa Sunday. :)


  5. Timmy: will do manager! =)

    Sir Rene: yup, made it my profile pic on FB =)

    Hector: stop calling me ma'am! haha! I feel old. Julie will suffice. Hehe! I will recommend others to visit your store, that's for sure =)

    Let: Hehe! I'm so nervous!

  6. Well, I guess I knew what you are feeling Julie. I was never a lone runner. And I guess I never could. I would always need the company of CaptainRunner. I feel that I won't be able to run my first 10K without him by my side.

    Anyhow, congratulations for getting your groove back! I'm sure Mike is with you all the way :)

  7. hHHMm Interesting. He got the K-swiss shoes. I posted big pics of that shoes in my blog back then. Anyhow, you'll do fine. It's just the distance but with the power of technology nowadays? It makes the world smaller. Good luck to us on Sunday! See you at the pool! ;)

    Oh, let's join Nestea. There's hip hop! Woohoo!

  8. Awww that's so sweet! It's a good thing that you got your running mojos back, and good luck with your aquathlon!

    (wow a fellow k-swiss fan!) :)

  9. 'Am sure glad you've got your running groove back. You'll be fine. Remember your routes, some stretches are interesting others are not. You hit the concrete jungle, the black top or the soft green grass, but no matter what, if you got to far out - you will always find a way to come back. You are a runner and you said it so. Just read the last 20 words of your thoughts on running...because you are.

  10. Ang sweet mga shoes na 'yan! =)

  11. Woww... this post made me also think of my running routines. Without my friends and co-runners in the office, I'm a lone runner too! Guess I have to start building up my "sole" mate :D

    Congratulations with getting back on your groove! Keep on dancin' and runnin' and smilin' and lovin' :)

  12. good day fellow runner (well im a noob actually).

    such a sweet post. :D

    i also got my tubes from secondwind just last saturday and it's a great shoe!


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