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Friday, March 5, 2010

Runners CAN Dance!

Dancing is also part of our cross-training as runners...NOT! Well for Noelle and I, this statement is true, but for the rest...ok, just keep reading.

A little over two weeks ago, Jinoe and Que (the founders of asked me to choreograph a dance presentation of our runners which will be shown at the welcome dinner of this year's Hong Kong Marathon.

According to Jinoe's blog:

"There were runners from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, and Philippines. Each country was asked to have a presentation number that will encourage those who will be running the next day. Since there are only three of us from the Philippines, Bing of New Balance, Jaymie aka Bull Runner and myself, we decided to bring some back-up.

Barely two weeks to go before the Hong Kong Marathon and the Welcome Dinner, we tapped members from to be part of the presentation. There were volunteers to take the video, do the choreography, dancers and those in charge of the music and location. The video was then shown in Hong Kong during the welcome dinner with over 100 attendees."

It wasn't an easy task, to be totally honest with you. To most of the runners, dancing is scarier than participating in a marathon or the Bataan Death March. I had to guarantee them that:

1. they will not get injured
2. they will survive this
3. and like in some races, I will give them a finisher's medal if they participate.

Ok # 3, of course, was a total lie. =p

Amazingly, in 3 hours we were able to rehearse and shoot the video! Imagine, in 3 hours (much shorter than the Boston Marathon Qualifying time, hehe!)! I almost lost my voice (and patience, hehe!) since I was handling more than 20 runners at an open air venue. But we were all happy with the end result. And so were the other runners at the Hong Kong Marathon.

"Bing of New Balance Philippines calls it "A Phenomenal Number". John from New Balance South Africa says, "It was the best." Joyce of New Balance Hong Kong says, "It captures the goal of New Balance in uniting runners in a global running event." - taken from Jinoe's blog

So that's how became ( just for one night.

Check out our video below...

So...Do You Think We Can Dance? =)♥.•:*¨*:•.♥



  1. galeng! napasmile naman ako hehehe it looked fun... im sure you guys had fun :)

  2. I'm proud of the peeps! focused silang lahat when it came to rehearsing and executing the dance. :)

  3. awesome... runners cross-training with dancing... kaka-tuwa :) galing pati videography...

  4. I love it!!!!! OH EHM GEE! Pinalabas pala ito sa Hong Kong. LOL! You are all Supahstahs!!!!

  5. It was a nice cross-training! Dapat magtayo ka Julie ng dance lessons for runners :P


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