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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Ateneo Aquathlon 2010 Experience I still can't believe it! Oh crazy joy! Sorry, I don't want to sound like I'm boasting. I'm just so happy and proud of this latest achievement I guess. And yeah, I think I've earned some bragging rights as well. So please just give me a week to revel. :p Please please please! Hehe! It wasn't easy training for and finishing an aquathlon. I know this is just a step towards me being a triathlete. Yup, that's the goal. Triathlete by 40 (years old). By God's grace, this will come true!

Although I did join Sheerwill's Aquathlon Cup a few months ago, The Ateneo Aquathlon is really my very first official aquathlon ever! I participated in the lite version which is a 400meter swim and 3K run. I started training for this in January up until the day before race date.

The week before the race I realized I agreed to do a show for the Fila Polo Cup on the same day as the aquathlon. Panic-stricken, I asked Rico if the aquathlon starts on time and even called Ateneo to inquire. I knew we were gonna have an early call time (10am) at the Polo Club for the show so I had to make sure I'd make it on time. I couldn't tell if I was more nervous about the event or making it to Polo Club by 10am!

Luckily, the aquathlon started each wave right on time. Kudos to Ateneo for that!

Multi-tasking: stretching while reviewing the rules

When they called the aquathlon lite girls, I felt like puking! A whole gamut o f emotions rushed through my body: nervousness, anxiety, excitement, and fear.

It all happened so quickly. We were ushered down to the swimming pool area, briefed on the routes (I listened intently so I won't get lost again), asked us to set up our stuff at the transition area, walked towards the pool area, jumped in the water and waited for the whistle to signal us to start.

that's me in the pink swim cap and beside me is Zi

still smiling and posing for the camera

Jumping into the pool. Here we go!

SWIM - There were around 8 to 10 of us on the first lane. When we started swimming I remember kicking a few people and being kicked myself. I was warned about this so I wasn't thrown off at all. I think I had more of an advantage since I was doing the breaststroke. However, Zi got me several times on the arms, shoulders and HEAD! Haha! Ouch! I remember jokingly shouting to Doc Marv when I was switching lanes, "Your girl-friend is kicking me!", Haha!

Swim Leg: 2 rounds (16 laps) for a total of 400m
courtesy of

I could easily be spotted. Thanks to my pink swim cap and pink goggles :p

trying to keep my distance from Zi, hehe!

Anyway, whenever I race, I have trained myself to zone out. Especially when swimming. I tuck in my ears inside the swim cap to drown out the sound. All I can hear is my breathing. I wasn't aware of other swimmers passing me or my peeps cheering me on. I constantly reminded myself that I am competing against myself and NO ONE ELSE. So, I paced myself during the swim because my goal is to run the 3K all the way without ever stopping to walk.

TRANSITION - Everyone kept telling me about my lightning fast transition from swim to run. I wished that someone caught a video so I could see for myself. Haha! I have all my years of quick changes during performances to thank for that. I have mastered pre-setting all my costumes and changing into them in a blink of an eye. Haha!

transitioning from swim to run

Multi-tasking again: wearing my singlet while running

RUN - As I exited the pool area, an uphill greeted me right away! Oh dear! It felt like there were bricks chained to my legs! "Don't you dare walk"! I told myself. And not for one instance did I take a walk break. Yahoo! At a slow steady pace, I ran the whole 3K. I didn't really care about my time, didn't care who passed me, or who finished ahead of me. For me, I have achieved my goal. To complete the swim and run without taking any breaks and finishing strong. Oh and not getting lost, hehe!

Run Leg: 1 round (3K)
courtesy of

The singlet was so big it looked like a dress!

Upon crossing the finish line, I was handed so many giveaways. Another plus for this aquathlon (even if I could barely carry them all :p)! There were a lot of booths where you could get free bananas, have your pic taken, get sunblock, etc. Very well organized event indeed!

After crossing the finish line, I actually had another transition from running... to dancing. I rushed to take a shower at the covered courts and quickly changed into my rehearsal clothes and drove to Manila Polo Club for our show. Did I make it on time? Oh yeah! I was parking the car already at the club's parking lot at exactly 10am. Swim + Run + Dance...Hmm... if only dancing was a sport, I would've been a triathlete that day. Hahaha!

Another goal achieved. Another item to check off my bucket list. Thank you Ateneo Aquathlon! See you again next year!

P.S. I dedicated this race to my fiance, who helped me during my training for this event. For patiently accompanying me in the mornings of my training and timing my simulations. Unfortunately, he wasn't there to share this moment with me. Once again, he is oceans apart from me...but is always in my heart. Serving as my inspiration. =)

Yihee sobrang cheezy! I love you my hanako!=)

*UPDATE: My unofficial Ateneo Aquathlon results: 400meter SWIM (0:12:36) / TRANSITION (0:00:56) / 3K RUN (0:19:45)/ TOTAL TIME: 0:33:17.
Out of 38 participants, I placed 8th. Not bad. =) If there was an award for fastest transition time, I'd be 2nd place! Hahaha! The one in 1st place was just a second faster than me! ;p

**thanks you doc marv, suzi and argo for the pics =)

***View more photos HERE. ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

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  1. Yehey!!! It looks like you had fun! :))

  2. Congrats Julie! I truly believe that you will be a tri athlete soon! God bless you!


  3. Congratulations Hotlegs-Aquathlete! Maybe you should conduct a talk about quick wardrobe change hehehe :)

  4. Hi Congrats on your first aqua, with that kind of time, a podium finish is not far off... -Sundaywarrior

  5. congrats julie! tara,let's hit the pool and road again..

  6. Hey Ms. Best in Transition (1st Runner-up), congrats uli. At talaga namang pink cap at goggles. Showbiz talaga. Haha. Glad you liked the aquathlon experience =)

  7. We're so proud of you Julie! Yehey :) Nice, relaxed stroke and your pink cap made you easy to find :) Was fun to have cheered you on! Wohoo! Bike na next? :D

  8. Wow, wow, and another wow! Congratulations Julie! Dancing is a sport right, you're a certified triathlete, he he he.

    I guess I'll be needing to learn now how to swim to at least be a aquathlete too :D

  9. Astig, Julie! Level na talaga!


    Btw, Thanks for cheering me!

  10. congratulations julie! so proud of you! your time was awesome! keep it up! go for tri this year ;-)


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