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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My First Half Marathon Experience

Months of training and it was all over in 2:42:20. -- Yep, that's my finishing time for my first ever 21K. I was hoping to do it in 2:30 at least, but again, my ankle (the drama queen) injury prevented me from achieving that time. That's why in my Facebook status I put,
" was a painful and humbling experience."

At 2:30 I was just getting off Buendia and up the fly-over to The Fort. My heart sank. I felt really frustrated with myself. I wanted to make it in 2:30 coz most of the other runners I asked said that that was a good time for a first 21K. I did everything I could to strengthen my right ankle during my training. I dunno why it started acting up again. I don't get cramps, shin splits, or even tire easily. Endurance was never a problem for me. It's just always this dumb right ankle and on top of that, my overpronation.

I actually had a lot of issues! At the start of the race, I wanted to pee so badly! This was due to excitement, I suspect. Gail pointed out several portalets to me but I refused to stop. Sayang the time! Thankfully, after 12K, my full bladder miraculously disappeared! I think I was THAT dehydrated!

Another issue was the pain I felt on my upper rib. I was CHAFFING! I carried that stinging pain all the way to the finish line. I did put petroleum jelly, so I wonder why I still chaffed. When I got home, I saw that the first layer of my skin was badly peeled off! Yes, nalapnos sya! When I took a shower I screamed in pain. I think I took my scream two octaves higher, sounding like a freaking banshee!

So, with a full bladder, chaffed skin and bum ankle...I still made it. With God's grace, I MADE IT!

A lot of issues, but I AM HAPPY!

I am happy and proud of myself for finishing the grueling long route albeit injured.

I am happy with my 1096 place. There were still around 500people behind me.

I am happy I finished strong and in style. Thanks to my fiancé for the belated Christmas gift (CW-X Stabilyx Tights). You were with me in each stride I made. Literally supporting me! Yihee. =)

I am happy to run along side my friends and pink ladies (Gail and Lally). Unfortunately, I didn't see Noelle and Vicky who were also wearing hot pink. =)

The Pink Pacing Ladies doing a 5-1 Galloway: Me, Gail and Lally

I am happy to be greeted by the same friends at the finish line. Unfortunately, I don't have a pic with Pat and Carina. I just wanna give a special shout out to these two because they really helped me with my training. Patiently answering all my questions and always asking how I'm doing. =)

Takbo ladies (L-R): Tin, Julie P., me, Rona and Yan

Ross, Lauren, Tere, me and James (looking tulala, hehe!)

I am happy I ran for the Dolphins.

I've always loved Dolphins (taken from the Condura run website)

I am happy that organized a support group during the race. I'm proud to say, these are my friends!

Luis (aka gingerbreadman) getting a massage while munching on a banana. San ka pa? Takbo rocks!

I was happy to be greeted by a beautiful sunrise while running the Skyway.

Thanks Suzi for this pic.

I am happy to be able to say to people when I drive on the Skyway, "Hey, I ran here!".

Me and Lally at the Skyway

I am happy that I was able to ice my ankle right away and get a free ice pop. Simple joys.

..and whatdya know..the ice pop matches my shoes! hehe!

I am happy to have my picture taken with running celebrities like Coach Rio and Jaymie (The Bull Runner), who was gracious enough to have her picture taken with us even if she just crossed the finish line and was still catching her breath! She didn't even look like she ran a full marathon! Starstruck much? ...*pic w/ TBR t follow* (Marky, where's my pic?)

Tere and I w/ Coach Rio

And lastly, I am happy that all the other runners were also happy to have finished their first 3K, 5K, 10K, Half Mary, and Full Mary!

Yes, on Feb. 7, 2010 at the Condura Run at The Fort, Bonifacio a lot of dreams came true, goals were achieved, and records were broken. It was a GREAT DAY for everyone!

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  1. Congratulations, Julie! and OMG it's the same singlet! hahahah

  2. Haha! I know right?! Well great minds think alike! haha =D Congrats to you too girl! Sub-2 on your first! That's insane! =)

  3. hi ate.. grats for your 1st HM.. 2:42 is not a bad time for 1st 21km.. next time you hit the road you'll see you're gonna hit your target.. just need to train more and even harder..
    just wanna share a line from 1st and last book that i've ever read "dont run with your legs, run with your heart". ^_^

  4. Thanks Juls for mentioning my name =) You had a good time with your first half mary knowing that you have an injury. Did you know that my time in my first HM was 1:45? and before i achieved my sub-2:30, i did 2 more hms =) rest that ankle and will see you at superbods! Congrats!!!

  5. I think each time we don't hit our target it just fuels us more and we will work even harder to get it next time. Can't wait to see your next 21k!

    God Bless =)

  6. Congratulations on your first HM Julie! Don't even think about the time, I had a miserable first half-mary and I thought I learned a lot out of it.It's the experience gained that's invaluable, and you will most certainly lower that considerably come your second one :) We are so proud of you!

  7. Congratulations Julie on your first Strong Half-Marathon! (extra ako sa picture!)

    Go girl!


  8. Congratulations tuts!!! I am so proud of you hana. You are truly amazing that's why i fell in love with you. When you set your mind on something, you truly persevere. You are one true achiever. You have been my superwoman and will always be. You make me proud to be your hana.

    Missing you,

  9. I never doubted your legs tita, from dancing, sprinting when playing ultimate (and now) to road races, ang galing! with your mind and heart on top, they will get you to where you wanna be!

    p.s. sana makasali din ako sa mga running clubs!

  10. congrats my famous friend hihihi sobrang natatawa ako pag naaalala ko itsura natin nung gusto natin pa picture kay coach rio at bull runner! susme, ikaw na celebrity at napapaligiran ng celebrity na star strucked? haist! basta congrats, galing galing despite the issues :-)

  11. Pat: Will keep that in mind you halimaw you! =)

    Carins: ok thanks again Carins for coaching me =)

    Elmer: True that!=)

    Luis: Thanks Luis! I hope my second one will be better. =)

    Dyulie: Congrats to us! Julies rock! =)

    Brad: come join us Brad!

    Tere: Funny nga yun hehe!

    Michael: So happy to get a comment from you, hehe! I got so kilig. love it when you call me your superwoman. Thanks also for always encouraging me and listening to all my stories about running almost everyday...ok, everyday. haha! Love you! =) Can't wait to see you!

  12. Congrats to your first half marathon ms Julie! You rock for not giving up! Way to go!


  13. congrats julie! so proud of you! don't worry too much about your time. my tita's 1st HM was 2:47 and she's now doing sub-60 10k runs! we will eventually get there. i had a really great time running with you and lally. looking forward to doing it again with you guys :)




  15. Congrats, you did really great. Sayang lang I gave up agad so di ko kayo nakasama sa finish line. I had a great time running with you and gail for the 1st 15kms. Sana next time until the finish line na. :)

  16. Congrats Ms. Julie... don't worry about your time, at least you had the courage to do a half-mary while others (speaking about me) are still afraid after more than a decade of 10k running :D

  17. Congrats Julie! Job well done! I predict longer races and faster times for you in the near future. Rest, Recover, Run, and Race again!!!

  18. Congrats, Julie! :) As you build mileage, I'm sure 21K in sub-2 would be too easy for you.

  19. Congrats Hotlegs Runner! Someday, I'll be running the half mary too :) And indeed, I had broken my PR (but sad that Condura had recorded it incorrectly).

  20. julie, great to see that you're hitting the road seriously...congrats for your first half mary...see you ;)

  21. congrats on your first half-mary!

    you are a minute better than me! hehehehehehe!

  22. congrats, julie! :-)
    awesome 21k! not bad for a first HM. there's always the next half mary adventure to get a PR! :) congrats!

  23. You're a winner. Amazingly you remember a lot about the run despite the odds. When I did my first I don't know how I finished...seriously! Great job.

  24. congrats julie! lufet, hot fink! hehehe

    i also saw a pic na you're stretching before gun start... (actually i thought you were dancing hahaha)

    congratulations again! =)

  25. hi julie - congratulations on your first half-marathon... this is just a start of something more exciting... full marathon next?



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