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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Love Affair with Running

I love to run because...

1. It keeps me fit - At this age, you gotta work hard to maintain a certain weight and waistline! Oh and it helped me shed those unwanted lbs.

2. It keeps me sane - Running is my therapist. Endorphins is my drug. It's a great stress reliever!

3. I meet new friends - holler back peeps! I must've gained 40+ new friends. And these are the same people who are there for me, to motivate me.

4. It gives me a sense of accomplishment - Nothing like challenging one's own self. And maximizing my full potential. I love setting a goal and then push myself to reach it.

5. I get to help - When I join races, it's always for a good cause: Build homes, buy books, save the environment, etc.

6. It's convenient - All I need is a good pair of running shoes and the road. Unlike in swimming where I need to go to a pool or in Tennis where in I need a court. Running you can do anytime, any place. Cool, huh?

7. I get to explore the outdoors - Sometimes I don't even plan a route. I just go where my feet take me.

8. It helped me stop smoking and drinking excessively - Like I always tell people, this is, more often than not, a natural reaction to running. Since you wanna stay fit and want to perform better, you're just motivated to stop smoking and drinking. Well at least for me, that was the case.

9. It's empowering - And at the same time you can motivate and inspire other people. I've already influenced some of my friends (and family members) to start running.

10. I just love to! - It's pretty hard to explain the high that us runners feel after a run. Intrigued by the runner's high? Then you'd have to try it out yourself. To other runners reading this, y'all know what I'm talking about. =)

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!♥.•:*¨*:•.♥


  1. I'm on 4, 6, and 10 :D

    Happy ♥s Day!

  2. it's great to step back once in a while to just really find out how much you love doing what you're doing. :) nice post! :) keep running!

  3. I think I'm missing something. Until now, hindi ko pa din alam yung feeling ng "runner's high" lol~ Nice post!


  4. If you love what you do it shows. Love of running may take sometime to develop but when it kicks in - watch out! Love is in the (air) miles.

  5. This is what I can call, a good kind of love affair. Not bad even for those who are already taken or married :)

  6. love it too for all the reasons you mentioned. Kaya, inuman na!:-)

  7. You have a very nice blog layout.keep on running make it a way of life.thank you - patrick concepcion / runningshield


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