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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swim + Run = Aquathlete

Date: January 30, 2010 (Saturday)
Assembly Time: 6 am (registration, body marking, briefing)
Start of Classic Wave: 6:45am
Start of Lite Wave: 7:15am
Venue: Camp Aguinaldo Pool
Types: Classic: 600m swim and then 5K run
Lite: 400m swim and then 3K run

"Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup (SWAC) 4 - SWAC is an informal, volunteer-driven, fun race to encourage beginners and provide practice race conditions for recreational triathletes. This is a no-frills, bring your own hydration and nutrition kind of event. We hope to accommodate more people while keeping things manageable. We might close pre-registration after reaching a certain number of participants."
That's me in the hot pink swim cap.

The "Classic" wave a.k.a "halimaws"

Last Sunday I participated in my very first Aquathlon. I signed up for the LITE version which is a 400m swim followed by a 3K run. Even if this is just for fun, I really took it seriously. Trained for 3 weeks for it even! I wanted to see if I'll be able to participate in the real deal which is the Ateneo Aquathlon in March.

Here's how it's done...

We had to start swimming on one side, do 4 laps while moving towards the other side. We get out of the pool, run to the side where we started and jump or dive back in to do another set. We had to do this 4 times. Getting out of the pool was such a struggle.

Rico giving instructions

After that we had to run to the transition area where our shoes, shorts, etc. were pre-set for our quick "costume change". =)

The Classics setting up their gear at the transition area.

I did a boo-boo though. I got lost in the run! Which, I know to those who know me, isn't surprising (FYI, the Hotlegs Runner is geographically challenged)! Below you will see the "map" our commissioner Rico made, followed by a picture of me looking really confused. I really was!


I even wrote the street names on my wrist out of desperation! I didn't want to forget! I called it "My Garmin". Haha! I realized later on that the street names and route wasn't the problem. You see, there are two ways to exit the pool area. Obviously, I picked the wrong one. And the more difficult one at that. I just had to choose the one that went uphill. Aaaarrrgghhh! So that set me back a few minutes and around .4 or .6K =( Oh well...

My "Garmin" here was defective. It got erased right after the swim! Haha!

Here are the results....

400m 3k

1 Al ________06:46:00 ____ 01:06:00 ____ 18:09:00 ____26:01:00
2 Emil A. ____11:05:00 ____ 00:56:00 ____ 14:38:00 ____ 26:39:00
3 Sid A. _____10:57:00 ____ 00:52:00 ____ 15:14:00 ____ 27:03:00
4 Pat A. _____12:50:00 ____ 02:47:00 ____ 11:45:00 ____ 27:22:00

5 Wilnar I. ___15:07:00 ____ 01:16:00 ____ 12:04:00 ____ 28:27:00
6 Bryan R. ___ 14:27:00 ____ 00:45:00 ____ 15:49:00 ____ 31:01:00
7 Topher M. __ 13:51:00 ____ 00:47:00 ____ 17:24:00 ____ 32:02:00
8 Rodel C. ____16:15:00 ____ 00:38:00 ____ 16:08:00 ____ 33:01:00
9 Ronald D.____16:05:00 ____ 00:00:00 ____ 17:02:00 ____33:07:00
10 Doc Art ____15:51:00 ____ 01:42:00 ____ 16:32:00 ____ 34:05:00

11 Brando L. ___17:09:00 ____ 01:37:00 ____ 15:34:00 ____ 34:20:00
12 Julie R. ____13:57:00 ____ 00:51:00 ____ 20:06:00 ____34:54:00

13 Cess D. _____11:44:00 ____ 01:43:00 ____ 24:18:00 ____ 37:45:00
14 Eire D._____15:57:00 _____00:49:00 ____ 23:47:00 ___ 40:33:00
15 Kyle _______13:23:00 ____ 01:42:00 ____ 31:44:00 ____ 46:49:00

16 Jet P. ______20:41:00 ____ 03:17:00 ____ 22:52:00 ____ 46:50:00

Oh yeah, I won a special award. Category winner. I had the fastest time among the women in the lite division. But all 3 of us were podium winners (Top 3) since there were only 3 of us. Hehe!

I know it looks like I'm drowning but I'm actually gasping for air. Haha!

Get out after 100meters and jump back in

Transition time. In the dance world, we call this "quick change". ;p

As you can see my swim and transition times were fast. But when I got to the running part...Wow! It felt like I had weights on my legs! They were so heavy! I was practically dragging my feet! Swimming and running on it's own is fine, but doing both?! Huwoooow! Imagine if I had to ride a bike still! Need to train, train, train some more!

Happy to cross the finish line. Finally! =)

After we had a nice Filipino breakfast together by the pool. We had a choice of Longganisa, Tocino and Sardines with egg and garlic rice. Oh and that Suman stuffed with cheese! To die for! Boy, was I hungry!

Breakfast with the fuhmelee!

Bong set up a photo booth for us so we'll have souvenirs. Sosyal! Shameless Plugging: For inquiries please visit I wanted to show my number. Hence, the pose.
This aquathlon experience is one for the books! For sure I will join again next year. Now the big question is...

"Am I ready for the Ateneo Aquathlon?"
I have one more month. I need more training.

Game face...ON!!!

To view more pics form the event, please click HERE.

Thanks to Rodel and Ellen for some of the pics =)♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

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  1. Nice one, Hotlegs1 ;) Congrats on winning this simulation race.

  2. hey Julie. . congratulations!

    you're a fast swimmer. . .fast runner too. . . (you have to review basic map reading. . . nyahahaha)


    see you SWAC 5


  3. @RD: thanks also RD. Hope I'll be as fast as you. =)

    @DocT: hey you, shatap! haha! I listened naman eh. I'm really that bad with directions, haha!

  4. Congrats on your first ever multi-sports race. I can assure you you will want more. Join us in the Classic category next time.

    Stay healthy!

    Deo P. ( aka Bluesman68 )

  5. Thanks, Deo! I sure hope I can do the classic next year. I have one year to train =)

  6. well What can i say?! hehe! Congrats! galing gumawa ng codiko ng map! hehehe! yes multi-sport athlete julie!! lets train for ateneo aqua! =) see yha!


  7. Hi Hotlegs.. Congrats on your first multisport event..Great job! i'm sure you'll get hooked as well like the rest of us.. :-)

  8. congrats hotlegs-aquatlete julie! =)

  9. Congrats Julie! I'm sure you can do the Ateneo Aquathlon :)


  10. Congrats Julie. Hot-legged Aquathlete ka na! See you on the Ateneo Race.

    Nice pose on the PBB shot by the way :-)

  11. Love your post raising your legs - that was HOTLEGS!


  12. wowww... I envy you hotlegs, you're such a fast swimmer. I can only do running :D

  13. I like the cat :) akin na lang sya Ms. Julie :)


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