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Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

 My husband and daughter said there was no place for a tree this year. I was challenged! Us? Not have a tree? So not happening where I live! Haha! So, I "hacked/engineered" our 7 foot tree from last year and made it just 4ft just so it could fit in this corner -- the only free space in our apartment. I placed it on top of a box and covered it with a burlap tree skirt which I made myself.

Tadaaaa! We have a tree! A little late and a much smaller tree, but better than nothing. :) When the hubs saw it on Skype, he thought I bought another tree. Haha!

And this is a little Christmas vignette.  May add more if I find more space here in our apartment.

Workout and Weight-loss Update
Sunday is a rest day for me.  So I decided to cook Filipino comfort food called, Pork Sinigang, and bake some sugar cookies.  Uh-huh...Sunday is cheat day too! :p  I watched my daughter wolf down that Sinigang with 2 1/2 cups of rice! I wish I could still eat that much!

Been running, cycling, and working out for 3 weeks and I already lost 6lbs.  That means I've been losing 2lbs. a week.  Woot!  I just love training in this weather!  Don't you?

I'm really feeling the Christmas vibe already.  Now all I need is the hubs.  He'll be home in 9 days!  Can't wait!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!



  1. Welcome back to blogland--we've missed you. Best wishes on your wedding!
    love the tree!


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