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Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo Friday: My PAMsuit

So... as per Jason's suggestion yesterday, I used PAM cooking spray so that I could put on and take off my wetsuit quickly.

At first I wasn't sure if he was serious!  But apparently, a lot of triathletes have been doing this.  I can't blame them, those silicone sprays are just too expensive for me.  Haha!  Cheapskate! :p

I look like Black Spidey! Can you see the oil dripping? :p

Just this afternoon, two days before my big triathlon debut (woot!), I sprayed on the icky oil on my legs and arms.  Swam a few laps and simulated my T1.

O...M...G...the wetsuit practically slid off my body.  I was out of the suit in seconds. A-mazing!  More importantly, the oil didn't feel so gross.  In fact, I didn't feel it on me at all.  I wish I took a video!

Thanks for the tip Jason!

Hot "fried" legs anyone?

NOTE: This is not a review of or a giveaway for PAM cooking spray. :p

Happy Friday, everyone! =)



  1. Glad to see you're back!! How cute are you in your wetsuit!

    Can't wait to hear more about your tri-training.

  2. Hey, whatever works I guess! I've got to ask, did you smell like butter?

  3. Whodathunk!? I just tossed an empty can of Pam today, you can bet I'll be thinking of you and wetsuits when I buy my next bottle! ;)

    Good luck this will do awesome!

  4. Told ya it would work so today when you are sliding out of that wetsuit you will know that PAM did the work for you.

  5. It sounds so gross, but it sure does work! The things us triathletes will do for a few seconds! :)

  6. Julie— great looking wetsuit. I always feel like a superhero in mine. My wife says that I look like I am going out to fight crime.

    A word of advice—lay of the Pam cooking spray. That stuff is not wetsuit friendly, and you may find that it will break down your suit after a while. I would highly recommend using TriSlide by SBR Sports!

  7. I might be late with this comment, but best wishes on the Triathlon. If ever I try to do one, I will remember your PAM thing. Thanks.

  8. LOL! That's awesome. Never heard this.

  9. hope you had an amazing experience with the triathlon!!

  10. That's great! Hope the tri went great!


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