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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Asking for Advice for First Triathlon

Ok I know the title of my post last month was , "I'm Baaaaack"...and the I disappear again. Wut?

I promise on my next post I will explain why I've been gone for so long. But for now...I wanna show you this...

This awesome trisuit arrived today.  It was a surprise from my athlete friends all the way from the Philippines!  I didn't know what to wear and trisuits are just so expensive here!  Now I am all set and I have to prove to Team Endure that I deserve to wear this!  Pressuuuure! Hahaha!

Hours after...I'm still wearing it.  I might not take it off until my triathlon on Sunday. =)

So... just a couple of days until my first tri.  Any advice for this first-timer? =)


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  1. HI! this is melissa cunningham (
    i did my first tri about 8 weeks ago and the best advice i can give is to practice that open water swim BEFORE the race-and also practice transitions afterwards....also,tie a bright colored string/pc of fabric,something that stands out so you can spot your bike faster after the swim-this helped me bc i was racked next to 4 other bikes that looked just like mine! and probably the biggest thing i learned was to just have fun and roll with it...literally,i got rolled under the water and swam over and oh boy! but i lived!lol!
    anyways,best of luck to you in your first ever tri! enjoy the moments,take in the experience-there is nothing like it!
    melissa c

  2. WOW - I see you are changing gears! Hope you have a great first tri. The first is all about gaining experience. Have fun, don't worry about the clock, and take notes for your next tri.

  3. Love the tri kit! You are going to do awesome in your tri! Just relax and have tons of fun!!

  4. That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! What great friends you have!

    You have all my advice already.

    Oh, wait, bring the most comfortable soft clothes you own to change into post-race, including shoes. They can be fluffy kitten slippers, they should just be comfortable.

  5. Open Water Swim? If so, get in the water and swim for practice. Get used to the chop and not following a black line like in a pool. It is completely different so get out there and give it a whirl. Plus you want to see how the suit reacts to the water and if there are any issues with rubbing in the shoulders.

    Practice your transitions. Go through the process and repeat it over and over so that it is second nature to you.

    Outside of that make sure you have FUN and don't worry about time or how you are doing. Its the first one, won't be the last, and will allow you to figure out lessons learned for the next one.

  6. Wishing you all the best on Sunday Julie, though can't really offer any advise as I've never done a triathlon. Take note of what Melissa says (above), relax, enjoy it, have fun - and just remember your mantra. You'll do fine.
    PS. You look wonderful in that trisuit.

  7. Yes. Watch this video. Then BE THE BADGER!

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