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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'd Like You to Meet Someone...

She's FINALLY here!!!

Isn't she preeeetty?! She's gonna have more PINK on her soon! For now it's just the handlebars. =)

I named her, "ISIS". Dunno why, really. She just looks like an Isis to me. That's pretty much how I name my furbabies. Haha!

Well, ok it must mean something.

How about it being an acronym for, "I SHOULD IDEALLY Succeed?"

Hmmm... How about... "I SHALL IMMENSELY Succeed?"

I think that's better. Sounds more positive! Wooh!..."Immensely!" Talk about pressure! :p

Can't wait to take her out for a ride later. I come! =)

Wait!  What?  Huh? I need to train first? :p

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  1. Beautiful!! My bike just came this weekend! :D No name yet, I'm working on it. It's still to snowy here to take it on the roads :(

    Have a great time on your first ride!! I'm kinda scared about my first time :l

  2. Awesome! Looks just like a bike made for you..enjoy getting to "know" her!

  3. Training is for the weak! Go do a brick workout!

  4. Training is over rated. Just sign up and show up :-O.
    j/k congrats, enjoy and be smart and safe.

  5. Isnt

    Yup, ISIS. A hot bike for a hot chik! Can't wait to see her all PINKED OUT

    Welcome to the wonderful world of triathlon

  6. Purty! I can't wait to cheer you on at your first Tri!

  7. Congrats on the pretty new addition! I think ISIS stands for I shall Inevitably Succeed!

  8. Ahh she is beautiful! So exciting!!!!!

  9. Soooo pretty!!! :)
    Enjoy your ride!

  10. Wooooott woooott. Cheers for the bike. Yes, add more pink please. She'll be looking more pretty!

  11. Ikaw Sa Ilang Saglit! haha

    ay layk Julie! ang ganda... pink pa ung handle! adik ka talaga sa pink! nice nice!!!

  12. Awesome! Can't wait to hear how your triathlon training goes!

  13. Thanks everyone! =)

    @Katie Me too! But we can do this! =)

    @Rose LOL! wooh!

    @TRI714 darn it, i thought you were serious, hahaha! yup will do =)

    @JenniferLeah OMG girl! I love that!

    @TeamarciaOoohhhh I like that too =)

    @katol halata ba? :p

  14. I love it Julie! Can't wait to hear news about your first tri!


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