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Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Things Thursday: Surf City Marathon Expo, Bike Fit, & a Party

The title should really be "3 Things I Wanna Talk about This Thursday!"

Golly, this is post is almost a week old! Sorry! Been really busy and I haven't visited your blogs in a while. Will get to that later.

As you know, I just finished my 2nd mary last Sunday and the day before that was the expo.  It was supposed to be a bloggie meet up at the expo with Racing Dawn, Patrick and Chris K. Months in the making and I wasn't there!

Photo from Patrick's blog.  I should've been in it. Ugh!  *envious*

It was a busy day for me and I had to go to the expo early, pick up my bike (woot!) and go to my god-son's birthday party.  We were very late for that one!
Anyway, back to the expo...

We got there around 11am and there was a loooong line from the entrance to the parking lot.  "What? A line to enter the expo?  That's a first!", the lady behind me complained.  My thoughts exactly!  But, the line was moving pretty fast, so no biggie.

There were a lot of people inside but it wasn't crazy crowded.  Getting my race number and shirt (hooray for the correct size!) was a breeze.  Got some GU gels and a new visor from Halo.  

We were on our way out when I decided to have my photo taken on a surfboard.  Looks silly coz I was wearing jeans! LOL!

Bike Fit & Pick-Up
After that, we drove down to Newport Beach for my bike fit and well, to pick up my very first roadie. =)

I didn't bring my running shoes (duh!) but it's a good thing I had my shorts in the car and the shirt from the expo for my bike fit. George asked me to pedal really fast at one point and I was getting exhausted and a bit worried.  My thought bubble was, "Um, George, I'm running a marathon tomorrow."  Haha!

Birthday Party
We were late!  But our friends were still there and the birthday boy!  It was around 4pm already and we haven't had lunch yet!  Thankfully, there was still food too!  I practically wolfed down the chili and cornbread! Yum!

Just a photo of the cake. 
Dunno if my god-son's mom would allow me to post a photo of his son here.

Well those are the 3 Things I wanna talk about this Thursday.  I managed to put overdue stuff in one post! 0_0  Yup, that busy!
Hope everyone is having an awesome day! Promise to visit your blogs soon.  =)

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  1. Fun stuff! I hope you're enjoying ISIS. Love your top in the surfing pic!

  2. Bummer you missed the bloggie meetup, but sounds like a great weekend nonetheless.

  3. I almost LOLed at your thought bubble haha! Thanks for sharing Julie!

  4. busy busy busy :)sounds like you've been having fun!

  5. No, no... it is very normal to surf with Jeans. Actually, I think you should get a pair of Jeggins that operate as a wetsuit.

  6. @Mark LOL! Mark, is that advice based on experience? haha! :p OK then :p


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