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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Goals for 2011

Last year, on the same date, I posted my running goals for 2010.  And I posted the assessment of those goals the other day.  Click here in case you missed it.

Today, on the same date as last year's, I am posting my goals for 2011.  Woohoo!

I just love goal setting, don't you?  I actually do this on a daily basis.  Every night, before I sleep, my goals for the next day are already set.  And I really get uber persnickety and anal with these goals, I tell you!  When things don't go as planned, I get easily thrown off and get really bummed out.  Yeah, I'm so hard on myself, I know.

But this year, I promise that won't be so anymore.  I will allow room for mistakes and disappointments, I will welcome inevitable setbacks and speed bumps along the way, and more importantly, allow God to just breathe into my plans so that He may bless them and guide me all throughout the year.

Here are my goals for 2011...

1.  Finally get a road bike - I really need one if I want to become a triathlete.

2.  Join at least 2 marathons - Even if I'm gonna start focusing on multi-sports, running will always be my first love.

3.  Join more short distance race events and PR - I can't even remember the last time I joined a 5K or 10K race event!

4.  Run the NY marathon or Chicago marathon - Just coz it's on my list of races to do being that those two are part of the top 5 major marathons.

5.  Join a sprint triathlon - TRIATHLETE is the key word this year.  Last year, it was MARATHONER.

6.  Join a duathlon - hopefully I get to do this before joining a triathlon.

7.  Stay injury free - this is gonna be on my list every year.  I think it's in everyone's lists, right?

8.  Reach my ideal weight - or rather, create the body I will be the most happiest in.

9.  Run more with my running group - I only ran with them once.  Waddup?

10.  Continue to uplift, encourage, inspire others - Definitely, a must!

I  can't wait to strike out all of those things this mentioned above.  I've got this!  Bring it 2011! =)
 My mantra says it all...

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

Did you make a list of goals this year?
What's the one thing you really wanna achieve this year?


  1. Happy New Year! Awesome goals! Enjoy the journey to achieving them!

  2. great goals! you've got this chica. i really want to work some 5 and 10k races into my schedule too

  3. Those are great goals. I hope you achieve being injury free - that's probably the most important!

  4. All great goals!
    For me it's a tie between finally breaking my sugar addiction and overcoming my fear of the bike.

  5. awesome goals. I would love to run Chicago too.

  6. Good luck with the goals! I did my first sprint tri 2 years ago and loved the feeling of accomplishment considering i didn't really know how to swim distances. A road bike definitely helps but I was on a measely kmart bike and still took 3rd place in my division :) I would recommend doing an all-women's triathlon. Though you may have a few who are competitive, as a whole, everyone is really supportive and the atmosphere is much more encouraging and inspiring.

  7. If you don't have one already, you should look into getting a wet suit, too. Most of the triathlons out here use the ocean, which...brrrrr!

  8. Great list! I didn't realize you were moving onto tri's! Good luck to you!

    So, you really set goals each day?! I'm impressed! Tha is focus girl!

  9. Great goals!! I like monthly goals and I also like to review them after each month. Good luck on achieving your goals!

  10. You got this BBF. These are all attainable goals with some reaches as well and that has you setup for a great 2011. I love 'em and will do my best to get you to reach all of them.

    Have you entered the lottery for NYC? It is $11 to enter it. I am in and I believe the drawing is in April. Get into the lottery so you can hopefully cross that off your list.

  11. Hey girlie!!
    your goals are AWESOME! woohooo for roadbiking, I'm still loving the day I got mine! sprint Tri's are so much fun, I have no question that you will love them!
    I hope you're week is going great and that you have a fabulous weekend ahead of you!

  12. I like your Mantra Julie. Also in Paul's letter to the Philippians 1:6 "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion...." (NIV).
    I wish you luck in completing all you set out to do in 2011.

  13. Great goals! I am so excited about following your triathlon journey!

    How much more do you want to lose? We are going to bust our plateaus soon!

  14. Great list! And I'm planning on blogging about my list of goals for the new year soon - I love the goal list! may all your dreams come true, Julie :)

  15. Happy New Year!! Solid goals. Can't wait to follow your journey!!

  16. Thanks everyone!

    @Christina 8 lbs.! Yup we can do this! =)

  17. I think your goals seem very attainable! I can't wait to see how it goes for you!

    Mine are listed at:

    Happy 2011

  18. re #8 - you are pretty awesome already ... don't spend too much time improving the last .0001%!

    I love that you are taking on new challenges ... this keeps the soul young and fresh!

  19. wishing you all the best in year 2011 !!! triathlon is a huge jump from only running and hope u'll love doing it. PTL :)

  20. @Amy, Andrew and Dannie: Thank you!!! ;;)

  21. I really hope you get to do a triathlon...would love to follow your training for that!

  22. I've got news for you Ms. Hotlegs! You're already at the perfect weight! You look fabulous!

  23. I haven't been here quite a while and this list is just awesome!

    If ever you decide to run Chicago, I'll be here to cheer you on. I don't think I'm running it this year.

    Good luck!!


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