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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gear Review and Giveaway: STRIDE Everyday Sport Bikini

Ok so last week, I reviewed and gave away a sports bra. For this week, I will be giving away STRIDE Everyday™ Sport Bikini Panty!

STRIDE Everyday™ panties combine fashion with function to eliminate the need for pantyliner
 Women everywhere can relax a little when they laugh, cough, sneeze or run as a revolutionary new fashion staple hits stores.

STRIDE Everyday™ is a breakthrough in fashionable women’s underwear and feminine hygiene! Our perfect 2-in-1 solution keeps you dry because it is designed with a patented fabric technology sewn into the gusset – replacing the need to use pantyliner.

For various ages and available in various sizes. Perfect for exercise, pre- and post-natal, traveling,
daily back-up protection or just for everyday comfort.

Machine washable too – so you can wear them every day!

The complete STRIDE Everyday line includes five stylish options - from a Seamless panty to a Lacy Thong  - providing an array of choices for women who want the freedom, comfort and confidence to wear their prettiest panties every day.

“Research shows that most women will experience some sort of light leaks in their lifetime,” explains Wendy Spencer, Founder and President of STRIDE Everyday. “Whether it’s a new mom looking for a cost-effective solution that helps her feel like a woman again, or an avid runner looking for comfortable protection while she’s on the treadmill, STRIDE Everyday offers a range of solutions for all kinds of women.”
Wendy Spencer, Founder & President of Stride Everyday Panties

The machine-washable panties feature patented multi-layer fabric technology, designed to wick away and absorb up to an ounce of moisture, and naturally deodorize for a fresh feeling all day long.  The inner liner is leak-proof and breathable to protect the most stylish outfits from “accidents”, whether it’s sweating during hot yoga, walking in the park or wearing a slinky little black dress.

STRIDE Everyday panties, which are registered for Class One FDA clearance, are also environmentally-responsible and wallet friendly.  Explains Spencer: “our research shows that STRIDE Everyday can save women more than $125 per year, compared to daily disposable pantyliner usage*.  They can also help reduce the billions of disposable pads and pantyliner sent to landfill every year.”

Free of seams, waistband or leg elastic, the Seamless panty is STRIDE Everyday’s most popular offering, providing discreet protection - eliminating the need for both pantyliner and panty lines.

STRIDE Everyday panties range in price from $19.99 to $24.99

My Review

I used to wear pantyliners everyday.  At home, when I run, and even during rehearsal (when I was a dancer).  Even then, it didn't keep me as dry as I wanted to be and would need change pantyliners every so often throughout the day.  Heck, the darn things, wouldn't even stay in place or would be deformed after a few hours!

STRIDE panties has a patented fabric technology built in called OQUOS that is able to wick moisture from the surface and convert it to a gel that is dry to the touch, deodorizes, and stays waterproof.  Isn't that awesome!  It's like having a built-in pantyliner.  And it does work!  I wish I had known about these Stride undies before!

I love how it fits me snuggly but not to tight and it doesn't move around (like most cotton underwear does) when you're running.  The material (90% Nylon and 10% Spandex) is soft, thin, lightweight, and breathable! AND...more importantly it doesn't cause any chafing!  I know this because I have worn these during my long runs.


Thanks to Jesseny Rojas of Stride lucky reader will win a STRIDE Sport Bikini Panty!

Please note that this is open to U.S. and Canadian Residents only. BUT, If you live abroad and want to have this shipped to a U.S. address of a relative or friend, then you are welcome to participate.

I will announce the winner this coming Sunday, Jan. 9.

Please remember to leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH of the things below.  1 comment = 1 entry.  I suggest you do everything specified below to increase your chances of winning.  If you do all 10, that's 10 entries!

1.  Must be a FOLLOWER of my blog. I'm doing this because it's my way of thanking you for being one! =) Click the Follow button located at my right sidebar. And let me know that you are following already by posting a comment here like, "I am a follower" .  I am always happy to see new people following. = 1 entry

2.  Visit the STRIDE Everyday Website. Let me know which of their products you like most. Post it on my comments again. = 1 entry

Extra Credit
3.  Follow me on Twitter (@HotlegsRunner) and leave a comment that you already do. = 1 entry
4.  Sign up for STRIDE Everyday Newsletter and leave a comment that you already do. = 1 entry
5.  Like the Hotlegs Runner on FACEBOOK and leave a comment that you already do. = 1 entry
6.  Post this giveaway on your blog, Twitter and/or Facebook linking back to here.  Let me know when you've spread the word. Leave a comment for EACH. = 3 entries
7.  Add me to your blog roll. = 1 entry
8.  Answer this:  Do you wear undies when you run/workout or do you go commando? = 1 entry

Good luck!

Disclaimer:  I did not pay for this STRIDE Everyday Sport Bikini.  They were sent to me and in exchange, I post an honest review of it.  I was not compensated nor was I encouraged by the manufacturer to post a positive review.  This review is based solely on my experience with this product.

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  1. i'm a follower of you

  2. i really like those panties you reviewed.

  3. i follow you on twitter

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  5. i already like you on fb

  6. i'm posting on my blog

  7. i posted on twitter

  8. you're already on my blogroll

  9. you're already on my blogroll

  10. sometimes i do, sometimes i don't

  11. I go commando, and that's not likely going to change, so I don't need to be entered in this giveaway, since someone else will likely need it more than I do.

    But I wanted to state my commando preference. =)

  12. I like the lacy thong! Porbably not as practically but super cute!

  13. I go commando with temp shorts, but sporty thongs (no VPL!) with tights or capris!

  14. I like the bikinis and the seamless.

  15. You're already on my blogroll.

  16. Yes when I wear my tights (I know, vpl, but it feels weird otherwise), but no when I wear my shorts since they have a built in liner.

  17. I always wear undies except under my Nike tempos cause they have the built-ins.

  18. I like both the sport bikini and the seamless panty.

  19. I already like HL on Facebook.

  20. I posted your giveaway on the giveaway page on my blog.

  21. I wear undies when I run and workout.

  22. Im a follower!I LOVE your blog!!

  23. I like you on facebook!!

  24. I have to wear undies! I really would love to win the seamless kind!

  25. I already follow you on Twitter ~ windyrunner

  26. I like Hotlegs Runner on Facebook.

  27. I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  28. I posted the giveaway on Facebook.

  29. Of course you know I'm a follower! :)

  30. Posted on my giveaway sidebar.

  31. I can't workout if I DON'T wear undies, but have trouble finding ones I like to run in!

  32. I really like the sport bikini and women's seamless panties


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