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Saturday, December 4, 2010

What I'll Wear to My First Marathon

One more sleep and I'll be toeing the line at the Mandalay Bay tomorrow for my very first full marathon here in Vegas. Yes, I made it here safely. We, well actually, Mike drove us here all the way from SoCal last night and arrived around 11pm.  Stopped by Starbuck's to get some coffee.  I got  an Eggnog Latte and a Pumpkin Scone.

So anyway, the plan today is to relax, spend some quality time with my aunts, grandma, and cousins who live here.  Then in the afternoon, go to the expo to pick up my race kit.  So please forgive me if I am unable to visit your blogs today and tomorrow.

I. am. READY.  It's is pretty cold in the morning here so I plan to wear three layers of pink tops to keep me warm during the first few miles.

Is that too much pink for you?

Aren't they cute?  I almost feel bad throwing them away!  But it's good that the mountain of wearable clothes that are shed off gets donated after.

So, you want to know what I'm gonna be wearing under and with those three layers?  No?  Not really?  Well, I want to document it so you have no choice. Haha!

Here.... I laid it out on the bed so I could share it with you....

Yeah, I'm definitely getting my pink on! Were you even surprised at all?  Duh!  Hahaha!  I may feel worn and exhausted when I cross that finish line but I sure don't want to LOOK like it!  Hope this outfit I put together helps. Hahaha!

But wait!  There's one more thing....

Doesn't look like it's hot pink here, but it is!

I am all set for the big day tomorrow.  Just need to get my race kit and I was hoping to meet the other bloggers at the expo too.  

This is my last post before the marathon.  Any final advice you want to give me before my big day?  Anything I should keep in mind? =)



  1. So EXCITING!! you're gonna be sooo pretty in pink - have a fantastic marathon :)

  2. Love all the pink. Good luck. Your going to do great.

  3. Good luck on the marathon and I love the pink clothes! Chill out and have a great time, can't wait to find out how you get on.

  4. You'll do great! My best advice for your first marathon is to enjoy yourself. If you stop having fun then do something different... slow down, run faster, talk to people, ask advice... WHATEVER. There are always more races for hitting a particular time. Good luck!

  5. Run Strong! You are going to look awesome in all that pink.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting. Your site won't allow me to comment from my work computer (as if I should be commenting blogs then anyway!) and I have been cutting back on the time I am giving to blogging. More family time. But know I am reading and cheering you on!

  6. Loving the pink!! Good luck on your race!

  7. You can never have too much pink!

    One thing I found during my first half marathon was that the more people I chatted with along the route, AND who I told that it was my first half, made it even more fun as they all became very encouraging. Good luck and have fun tomorrow!

  8. All the best with the marathon! Enjoy and have fun!

  9. Don't worry about time, start slow and enjoy the race! You will have a PR either way :) Good luck!!

  10. Love the pink!!!
    enjoy your race!!

    questions: what kind of belt is that? Nathan?

  11. Julie - send me your cell phone via e-mail. I'd love to exchange texts when we hit the finish line!!!


  12. That's an awful lot of PINK Julie. It reminds me of Mimi Anderson who also wears everything pink - and she holds world records! Have a look at her site: for some inspiration.
    Meanwhile, just relax and have a wonderful first marathon. I ran my first marathon 23 years ago and it changed the course of my life - and all for the better.
    Good luck.

  13. Good luck, have fun, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  14. good Luck Julie!! You will do great tomorrow :) What is the temp for the start of the race supposed to be??

  15. just keep your focus and have fun!!! you will not believe the emotions after you finish. can't wait to hear about it.

  16. You are so stylin'!! Love, love your FIRST MARATHON gear! How excited are you to cross the finish line?!!

    I will be running a half in Vegas on January 8th...I will have to keep your gear in mind! :)

    Can't wait to read your race report!

  17. Have fun and enjoy the marathon!

  18. What a place to run your 1st marathon! I love all the pink. I am NOT a girly girl what so ever, but I love buying girly stuff for running...weird.

    Go get it! Can't wait to hear about it tomorrow. :)

  19. have a wonderful race! I'm sure you are going to rock it (and in a stylish way, too!)

  20. Cute outfit, nails done. Check, check, Looks like you are ready :) Have a great race!!!

  21. Good luck to you Julie!!! I love your will be rocking the clothes and styling as your run in Vegas:)

    I am looking forward to hearing all about your first marathon! This is so will love it:)

  22. You're probably the most adorable one out there running - RIGHT NOW!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it!

  23. I'm sure you were awesome in that outfit...extra style points of course!

  24. honey u r ready to rock this!!!

    cant wait to read all about it!


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