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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post-it Notes Tuesday: News (Old & New)

'Tis the season to be really busy.  With Thanksgiving just 2 sleeps away, my marathon in 10 days and Christmas fast approaching, I suddenly found myself running around like a headless chicken. Busy, busy, busy!  I'm surprised I can even find time to post daily.  I have to, since I committed myself to doing 30 Days of Thanks.  Eeek!  What did I get myself into?  

Sorry if I am unable to read and comment on some of your blogs as my days are full with household chores, schlepping shopping bags, running and cross-training.  So please allow me to update you using the ever so convenient post-it notes....

This one below is getting really old already. Ugh! ....

So, What's new?....

  • Are you also busy preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  • Which song makes you want to run faster?
  • How's the weather in your side of country?


30 Days of Thanks (Day 23)

I am thankful for my Church and my small group. It really is an extension of my family. Without them I would be a lost soul in the world. When I walk through our church doors, I feel like I'm walking into a whole new world because God's presence is so strong there. I am also thankful for our Pastor. I have learned so much from him about God and the Bible. I am finding out what it means to be a Christian. I am learning, understanding and trying my best to apply what the Bible says in my life. I am still a work in progress, but I'm getting there with the help of my church family.



  1. Love the post-its:) 'American Boy' is one of my favorites. I love anything by Rise Against to make me speed up!

    Bummer about the knee!! Take care of yourself, your race is in ten are going to rock it!

  2. I'll answer the question about weather. It's very cold in the mornings. Reasonable in the afternoons. Our weather is bipolar in a different way than yours!

  3. Love the post its!! Thanks for the update.
    Good luck to you on your marathon!! My first is in 18 days so I am right there with you in the craziness of training, shopping, cooking, oh my!

    The song that gets me going is "I gotta feeling" by the Black eyed peas!
    Weather here in AL is a warm 72! Looking forward to some cooler weather soon.

  4. We're getting our first real taste of winter, unfortunately. "Time Bomb" by the Old 97s is always a good pick-me-up!

  5. Great thing to be thankful for! I feel the same about our church and small group.

    Hope the holiday gives you some down time and a chance to rest that knee :) Blessings to your family!

  6. Hope your leg doesn't continue to give you pain.

    Isn't it great when you find a church that just FITS!?!

    I had a wonderfully fabulous small group in our Womens Bible Study this Fall and I'm sad to see us split up for the Winter study :-(

  7. Good job getting it all done, including all your thanks! Hope the knee straightens out for you.

  8. Off the top of my head you are the best HTML'er out there. Then in 10 days you are adding marathoner to your resume. AWESOME.

    Weather is very warm here in Dallas.

    Meetings for Marathon Makeover today and tomorrow plus training plus shopping plus life BUT I love it.

  9. Love your cute post-its!! I can be sucha a busy time of year, that giving thanks is SO vital!! GOOD LUCK in YOUR marathon!! So exciting.

    Also, weather on my side of the country is poop. Just posted some pics!

  10. I love your pink stickies - that is just awesome!!!!

    Crazy time of year - so hard to stick a marathon in the middle of the holiday madness. I did Tucson Marathon last year and just never could regroup after to get cards out or whatever.

    But hey, if you want to add to the holiday stress, I'm doing a blogger gift exchange - which will be really fun (??) so pop over if interested :).

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. cool post, i like the notes, too!
    weather here in VT is unseasonalby warm (40-50's), but that is supposed to change thursday, when we'll be down in the 20's. rainy now, will turn to snow soon!

  12. I love your Thank for thing today!!

    I am ready for being off work for the holiday! That and an excuse to eat stuffing are what I ready for!

  13. I vow not to post anything new on my site until after your marathon. lol. Just kidding. I understand how hectic it can be. No worries. As far as music to run to? I listen to audiofuel as it fuels my run. I recently started to work with intervals with it. Great stuff. On the flip side, I used the concept to check out my own songs to creat a playlist based on BPM. I will do a post on all that very soon. Take care and wow, it's coming soon. You will do very well, I am sure, Let's just pray for that knee to hold up. God Bless, and Happy Thanksgiving, is should be every day for the life that God gives us.

  14. i LOVE the post-its! and i feel you with being crazy busy. 'tis the season!!

  15. Love the post-it's too -

    fav. run faster songs? Currently - "Fighter" Christina Aguilera and "I Gotta feeling" Black Eyed Peas

    Last two days have been pretty mild in Jersey but it's unseasonable and we're gearing up for the cold to roll in.

    Busy getting ready for season and I'm woefully losing that battle.

  16. I love your post-it-note idea!!
    I'm sorry about your knee...ugh!! I hope it gets better soon!
    Let's see, the weather here is COLD and WINDY! Brrr!!

  17. Post Its are cool. You know if I commit to eating just as much food as i can fit on a pot it note on Thanksgiving I just may be able to avoid going overboard.

  18. Busy busy!

    Liv tonight by Keri Hilson and Nelly is currently gettin' my pace up!

    The weather is cold and snowy but I love it. Puts a damper on the running but I love the seasons!

  19. Just found your blog; love it! :)

    And Post-its Tuesday; great idea! :) I might borrow this one from you. :)

    Favorite song: anything Coldplay at the moment.

  20. I'm in South Africa so we don't have Thanksgiving but we are planning for Christmas already.
    I don't run with music.
    We are moving into summer here and it is getting warmer and warmer. I live in a summer rainfall area so rain is starting as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  21. cute post its. great idea!!!
    i know all about knee pain! foam roll and stretch and walking breaks work for me!

    happy wednesday!


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