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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Race Recap (?)

I set a new shopping PR at yesterday's Back Friday "Marathon".

Time: 8 hours  Stores Visited: 3

Got a lot of good deals! Got a Dirt Devil Vacuum for just $28.  There was actually a smaller one for $9!  Also got a lot of winter clothes since I don't own much being that I just moved here from a tropical country.  Hooray for $8-$10 winter tops! 

Black Friday WAS NOT bad at all.  I thought I'd get pushed or crushed in the crowd...but there was NO CROWD at all at Target, Best Buy and Pier 1.  Maybe it's because of our location. *shrugs*  I guess that's a good thing. =)

Anyway, back to REAL running (and not running around stores)...  I wasn't able to do my tempo run yesterday because I was too tired from Black Friday. Boo!  Bad runner!  I'll just do it today.  It's just 5K anyway.'s 7 days until marathon day.  EEeeeeek!  Excitiiiiiing!

I had a lovely thanksgiving with my dad, step-mom, siblings and fur babies.  My dad did all the cooking (thank God!).  2 days after, I still feel like a stuffed turkey!

How was your thanksgiving?


30 days of Thanks (Day 27)

I am thankful for good customer service.  It is vital in every business.   I've had my fare share of bad ones!  Though I recall times that I received customer service that was extraordinary.   And it was greatly appreciated!



  1. So glad that you had a good Black Friday experience. I've never shopped on Black Friday but my sister does so she gets things for us and we just pay a personal shopper. Love it! :)

  2. JULIE --- LOVE the photo.

    8 hours = 3 stores, wowza!!

    I went to 6 in 5 hours. My best score . . . $420 heels for $38 [yay, yay, YAY!!] woops was I to be buying for others?! ;) ehhh, one sweet give for myself, is ok, right?!

  3. we are so close to race day! eeeeek :) but in a good way eeeeek hahah

    glad that black friday was good to you and you didn't get trampled. i hate shopping in general so the idea of going out with a billion other people makes me want to curl up under the covers.

  4. I am so anti-black Friday, so it's nice to hear good experiences out there! Love the picture!

  5. Love the picture:) I am so glad black friday was so successful!! I am excited for your marathon, you are going to rock it.

  6. Good luck on the marathon. My thanksgiving was great. Ate way too much, spent the day with family.

  7. Love this post and your photo! So excited for your upcoming marathon! ;)

  8. I stay far away from stores on Black Friday, I am so happy to hear you had so much fun!

  9. Congrats on the BF scores!

    I am soooo excited about your marathon I'm busting!!

  10. I think the idea of having a BF race report is absolutely hysterical.

    Catching up on your blog buddy—good work. Always entertaining.

    Of course, congratulations on the new PR!

  11. I'm glad you had a good experience with Black Friday. I'm *still* not interested in doing that EVER.

  12. hehe heck yes for a shopping PR!!
    good luck in your upcoming Marathon!!! you will do awesome!

  13. What a gorgeous picture! Can't believe your race is so close :)

  14. Cute thanksgiving photo. Hmmm.. never had roast turkey in my life. Yummy no?

  15. Great picture!

    BF wasn't a big deal b/c you are in such awesome shape that you were wizzing by people. Thay couldn't hold a candle to you.

    1 week to go. In the bag. Heading out for a 13 mile EZ run to loosen the legs then true taper.

  16. I wanted to get that same vacuum! But there was none left! lol

  17. sounds like you had a great black friday experince! Nice buys!

    I love the photo!

  18. I didn't shop at all on Black Friday!
    But I ate a ton!
    Seriously. I also ate a sugarcane plantation worth of sugar.

  19. Ha ha..nice job with the Black Friday PR! :)

    Good luck in your upcoming race! You're going to do great!

  20. Cute pic and nice work on your Black Friday MArathon!!! Love your fur babies!!


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