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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Black Friday Marathon

This scheduled non-running related post is brought to you by Black Friday! But DOES involve running.  Running around the store,  that is!

I've decided to participate in my very first Black Friday.  I have chosen Target as my first store coz it's very near our place.   Then will probably run to Best Buy and some other stores after.  Some call it crazy, but I just simply call it "BARGAIN SHOPPING". 

I trained hard for this...

I am wearing my pink Nike Zoom...

I have studied my route around the store...

I have carbo-loaded last night during our Thanksgiving dinner...

I know what to eat before the doors open...

Still thinking if I should wear my hydration belt since I know the small cafe there will be full. :p

Gun start is at 4am. 

Wish me luck!


I'VE GOT THIS!!!!! =)

  • Are you going to any stores for Black Friday?
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30 Days of Thanks (Day 26)

I am thankful for answered prayers because it shows how powerful prayers are and how faithful our God is.  I am also thankful for unanswered prayers because it teaches me to be patient and to continually walk by faith, trusting and relying on God's own timing in our life ...because unlike ours... God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!



  1. I don't go anywhere near stores on Black Friday. Our printer needs a yellow ink cartridge and I'm waiting until tomorrow...

  2. I hope you survived the Black Friday craziness!

  3. Haha... hope you're scoring some good deals out there!

    I've already heard from my sister-in-law, who is out BF shopping, about a woman getting punched in the face by a man for breaking line at Kohl's this morning. LOL MADNESS!

  4. Karen did. Alarm went off at 4am. I wished her luck and back to bed I went.

    I did leave the house at 10am when she went to the gym with Chico and I went to the bookstore, so I participated in Black Friday....kind of.

  5. I wish I could go get me some black Friday deals! Maybe next year. The crowds are a little scary! good thinking to plan it out like you did. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your great buys.

  6. GOod luck today!! I admire those that brave the 4 a.m. madness! Be sure to post your buys!!

  7. My 12 year old, who recently has gotten an appreciation for shopping, wanted to try shopping on black Friday. Luckily, we skipped the biggest malls and went for a 10AM start.

    We survived. Hope you did too.

  8. I hope you set a new shopping PR!

  9. i sincerely hope that i never participate in black friday hahahh. hope you survived!

  10. The lines inside our Target at 4:30 a.m. were so terrible that we turned around and left. We had better luck at the mall. I hope you had a great Black Friday!

  11. Would love to see the hydration belt in action at Target!

  12. Ha ha..I hope you had fun and got some great deals! I stayed away from the stores this year!! I just didn't feel like dealing with the crowds this year.

  13. Girl, you are hilarious!! This post made my day. How did it go? Did you get what you wanted. Glad you trained hard and carb-loaded:)


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