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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

The three things I am thankful for this Thursday....

1.  I finally got my RoadID.  They sent me one to review which only means...a RoadID Giveaway soon! Yey!  I really think (other than water and a cellphone), every runner, cyclist, triathlete, hiker, walker or any one who does outdoor sports, should have this with them.  Better safe than sorry.  It really can save your life.  I can't believe I've been putting off ordering one because I didn't know what quote or phrase to engrave at the bottom.  Finally decided on... 

"I AM. I CAN. I WILL."  

It's like a "finish the phrase" kindda thing which I think is pretty versatile and can apply to different situations, not only sports.  Should keep me motivated.  Thank you RoadID!

2.   So Mike and I bought a weighing scale last night at Bed Bath and Beyond. And... scale says I lost another pound! Thank God!  I now only have 4 more lbs. to lose before I reach my ideal race weight. It wasn't easy losing 6lbs.  I actually thought I reached a weight-loss plateau when I lost the first 5. As my mileage increases every week, my body is naturally craving for more carbs.  Strangely, I have recently acquired a sweet tooth!  Yikes!

3.  Last night, a fellow runner shared this video of Roger Bannister who ran the first  sub-4-minute mile in history.  Over half a century later, it still is one of the most iconic achievements in the history of running.  Thank you, Sir Roger Bannister for setting the bar high!

Watching the video, I wondered what kind of shoes they were wearing during that era and I found this on the net...

If you look closely at the below image of Roger Bannister crossing the finish line you’ll notice the simplicity of the shoes he is wearing. Again, they are mostly a thin leather slip with a rigid sole void of major supporting structures that we currently see in today’s running shoes such as a prominent heel and arch support.

We certainly have come a long way with regards to running world records and running shoes. =)

  • If you own a RoadID, what quote did you put at the bottom?
  • What are the recent goals you set for yourself?

Have an awesome Thursday, everyone! =)

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  1. that is an awesome picture of roger bannister

  2. YAY on Road id!!

    Huge yay on 5lbs! AMAZING. I need to do better with sweets. ugggg.

  3. I put "Push it girl!" on the bottom of my Road ID. :)

  4. My RoadID says 'Run for your Life' which is the title of my Blog.

  5. RoadID; Face your fears, follow your dreams. Comes from a poem by Jon Blais, really inspiring athlete who passed away from ALS. His fight goes on through the Blazeman Foundation.

  6. Love my RoadID. I have had one for the past three years thanks to the smarter person in my marriage....yup my wife.

    My RoadID says 'Finish Strong or Go Home' which is my way of telling myself that quitting is not an option.

  7. I'm not sure what I'd put on a RoadID...I keep thinking I should get one though!

  8. Great post! I am loving the video and pix!:)

  9. i didn't have room on my roadid for a phrase. i entered three phone numbers (son, dtr, husb) and an allergy.

  10. In the video the second pacemaker Chris Chatterway ran 1.51 for the half marathon in the great North Run this September - aged 79!!


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