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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rude Awakening

I turned 37 years old two months ago and I'm really starting to feel my age.  I think my body is slowly making me realize that I am not the young gal I used to be. Duh!

Last week I got my eyeglasses.  Not reading though.  I'm near-sighted -- I can't see well when it's far.  So, if I want to continue to safely drive my car and not miss street signs or exits, then I'd have to wear these...

hello four-eyes!

Thank goodness I only need to wear them when I'm driving!  It took me a while to pick a nice frame.  One that didn't make me "look old!"

After my 15 mile  run last Monday, my body felt like it was run over by a bus...repeatedly!  Normally, I would feel better after a day or two but I still felt tired a week after.  Then I started to hurt in "new" areas of my body like behind my knees, my hamstrings and my back!

You know, I've always wondered what kind of a runner I would be now had I discovered this wonderful sport at a younger age. *sigh...  I guess I'll never know.

I'm starting to panic!  I only have 6 weeks to shed 5 lbs. before my first full marathon.  I need to reach my ideal race weight.  I've tried everything already.  But after losing 4 lbs., I hit the dreaded weight-loss plateau.  It's like my body is telling me she wants to maintain this current weight. Ugh!  When I hit the age of 30, that's when my metabolism started slowing down.  And I started to gain the lbs. exponentially.

I sometimes dream of going back to that age when I could eat anything I want and not gain a single pound. That would be around age 26 or 27.  I think those were the years when I looked my best.  Seems like light years ago!

I was much younger then and physically active being a dancer by profession but I was a smoker and I ate A LOT of fatty, processed and junk food.  Strangely, I feel at this point in my life, I am my most healthiest! I quit smoking when I started running, I've been exercising regularly and have been eating the right food.


As you can see, what I'm talking about here is not about "looking" my age, but more like, "feeling" it.
Yes, age is indeed just a number.  But a number --- or numbers that are slowly increasing as the years go by.  Nonetheless, I embrace these changes.  What else is there to do anyway?  It sucks, that's for sure, but I'm just happy I'm still here and able to achieve most of the goals that I set for myself. And that I am still "somehow" physically and mentally able to do so.

Now where's my cane? Hehe!

  • Do you feel your age?
  • Do you feel more tired than your age suggests you to be?
  • At what age did you feel you looked or felt your best? 
  • Any secrets you wanna share for looking and feeling young? =)

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  1. anubeh... age is just a number.

    and besides, dancing also makes you younger. =p

    honestly, i'll trade my running just to be a good dancer. =)

  2. i actually often feel older than my age. i think it's because i had such heavy family responsibilities placed on me when i was a kid. i'm slowly starting to revert though and act my age aka a bit reckless ...not sure if that's a good thing though. hahah

  3. My 40s have been my best years because I'm more active and confident and happy than ever. I think that is the secret. :-)

  4. Don't let it worry you. I'm more than twice your age and still going strong, churning out the miles and racing fairly regularly.
    Age is a state of mind. Stay young!

  5. Ok I like the glasses!

    Hmm i'm 29 and I guess I generally feel my age though it seems like I should still be 21 in my brain!

  6. I do not thing endurance atheltes feel their age, I think we are tired because we train so much, I would bet that our tiredness is not the same as someone the same age and not active.

  7. Love the glasses. HOT.
    I weirdly felt best last year. ?!

  8. I'm a few years older than you and I do feel my age in some ways. Recovery from hard running efforts takes longer; I AM looking at getting reading glasses soon (yikes); and I have a bit less energy and memory capacity than what I used to have. That said, I am healthy in every way and when I compare myself to inactive peers, I feel great!

  9. I'm not feeling my age, but all of a sudden, I have these LINES around my eyes, and it's driving me bonkers.

    btw, when I was training for my marathon, I thought I would lose weight, but I didn't at all. Don't stress about those five pounds, I dropped a few AFTER the marathon. You need to fuel your bod to perform!

  10. I think you look fabulous! I love the glasses.

    I know how you feel. I have moments where I feel better than I ever did in my 20's, but then it might be followed by a day or two of feeling "my age"-- tired and worn out. But that could be because we mommies just have a lot more on our plates in our older age...

    Regardless, we look great no matter what our age. :)

  11. I feel your pain. I'm 42 and my feet won't let me play basketball everyday like I used to. I've never had glasses, but I've found myself moving stuff I'm trying to read away from my face to bring it into focus. I think I may be joining you with the glasses pretty soon. We may not have the same forgiving bodies as 20 year olds, but we are probably wiser than we used to be.

  12. I truly do think age is nothing more then a number. Surround yourself with good people and you can forget about age. I find motivation in my 4 year old step-son and my XX year old wife as well.

    I have never felt better physically, nor looked better either. Mentally I am thrilled to have endurance sports in my life b/c it helps clear the mind and helps me think clearly.

    I also agree with BDD that we train so much that causes us to be tired but it is different then the sedentary person.

    Keep on running and working out and your next birthday you will say I just loved that past year and I am going to make the next year better.

  13. You don't look your age AT ALL so don't worry! And the glasses look good on you :)

  14. I loved being 26 too! There must be something about that time of life.

    I feel my best when I stay active everyday AND eat well. The eating well is not something I always do. I get sweet cravings and periods of time when I want to eat everything! I am still a work in progress. The important thing is I keep working towards being the best complete person I can be.

  15. I'm in my 50's and just started running. Maybe physically I'm not my best but mentally I am. I feel I can do anything. You're as old as you feel. If you feel old now, you won't make to my age.

  16. you look young regardless.. and hot by the way.


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