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Friday, April 9, 2010

I Am Half Way There!

...Half way to being a member of Bald Runner's 1,000KM Club and getting that much-coveted shirt too!

Bald Runner awarding Argonaut his shirt after reaching 1,000KM
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After my 4K run tonight, I was surprised to see that I already logged in 500 kilometers since I started running last year (November 1, to be exact)! Yes, exactly 500K today! My goal is to reach 1,000KM by August, my birth month. Wooh! I can do this!

I think the whole concept of this club is a great motivation for all newbie runners out there. Read more about Bald Runner's 1,000KM Club here. See who's already in it and be inspired!

How many kilometers have you logged in since you started running? ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥



  1. hotlegs, for sure mag train ka for full mary, ubos agad yan! hahahaha ;)

    go for the shirt! :) hehehe

  2. 1,585km (including 1,000km in 2009) and with the 15K tomorrow, it's gonna be 1,600km! :D

  3. lapit na julie! It's like the turn around point in the race, half way! Now its game time! Good luck =)

  4. in no time, you'll achieve your goal of 1000 km! makes me all the more motivated to run :)

    by the way, thanx for the visit :)

  5. Teka, limang BDM102 nalang yan Julie at pasok ka na! You'll get there very soon, i'm sure!:-)

  6. Too bad Julie, I haven't logged my first training runs, so I can never have an account of it. I only log my runs for my shoes kasi. But I will do my accounting siguro one of these days and get back to you.

    Congratulations! You're already halfway. Go for an ultramarathon :D

  7. akyuka ( 17, 2010 at 4:21 AM

    how can i keep track? by using a pedometer or something? thanks

  8. @Akyuta: I pre-plan and determine my distances using and I log in at =)

    please read my past blog post re this:


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