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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Running Goals for 2010

Happy New Year!!! It's 2010 and it's the perfect time to set new goals. So far, I have no intentions of setting PRs. I wanna concentrate more on building mileage. When I become time conscious, I tend to push myself too much to the point of injury. Ergo, my situation now. Tsk! Tsk!

Anyway, here are mine:

1. Stay injury free - Ahhh...the bane of all athletes! Nothing sucks more than being injured! Case in point, as we speak, I am off running for a week as per instructions of the orthopedic surgeon. I am probably the poster woman for "too much, too soon"! Baaad!

2. Listen to my body - I really have this tendency to push myself (you think?). Note to self: when your body starts hurting and aching so much, that's should actually be your cue to STOP and not GO FURTHER. Duh!

3. Injury-proof my whole body - This is connected to number 1. I need to engage in other cross-training exercises regularly like swimming and biking (if the budget permits). And of course, continue to do Yoga, Pilates, and resistance training to strengthen my muscles and other weak spots.

4. Join SWAC (
Sheerwill Aquathlon Cup) - It involves 400m Swim, then 6.5K Run then 400m swim. I am not yet that crazy to do that so I will participate in the "lite" version which is like half the distance that I just mentioned. Am I right, Rico? Are you sure there is no "extra light" version of this? hehe!

Introduce more people to running - So far, since I started, I know I have influenced 4 people. I'd like to double or triple this number this year.

Run more with friends - I like running alone. I consider this my "ME" time. But recently, I've been joining my peeps in their group runs at BHS and Alabang. I have to say, I enjoy it immensely. It's also a great opportunity for me to meet other members/runners and share tips, compare running products and motivate each other.

Continue to eat better - When I started running, I became conscious about the food I ingest. What I eat when I'm not running, before a run, after a run. Even what I drink. I used to eat a lot of junk food and guzzle alcohol like there's a private party in my liver. But all that has changed. I now eat more fruits, whole grains, nuts, veggies, fish, etc. And now I feel healthier and stronger than ever. So this is more of a "stay consistent" kindda goal.

Reach my ideal weight - ...which is 96 lbs. Technically, for my height (5'1"), that's considered underweight. But I know how I looked like when I was 96lbs. (around 7 years ago!) and I want that physique again. I have 3 lbs. to go until I reach this.

Run more so I don't have to worry about what I eat - Hahaha! Now who wouldn't want this? I'm honest. Gone are the days when I can eat 3 cups of rice at 10pm and still weigh 96lbs. But I believe with enough exercise, I can indulge myself a little bit more and have, say, cake after meals? hehe!

Run 1,000Kms by August - Yes, I want to join the 1,000Kms club of baldrunner. And I want that shirt too! Why August? Well it's my birth month. But if I can do it much sooner, why not?

That's about it! I will go back to this blog to cross out each goal that I have already accomplished. I'm excited!

What are your 2010 goals? ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥


  1. 96lbs?!? maybe I should aim for lower than that 'coz I'm shorter than you. I thought my goal of 100lbs would be good enough :D

  2. hey suzi! pay no attention to that weight goal of mine. wag ka mag pa apekto, so to speak, haha! That's the anorexic side of me speaking haha!

  3. 1000 kms, wuhooo!! go go run! Im hoping to do 100 miles naman this year! Good luck to both of us! =)

  4. Hotlegs Runner said...

    hey suzi! pay no attention to that weight goal of mine. wag ka mag pa apekto, so to speak, haha! That's the anorexic side of me speaking haha!

    hehe, napressure daw ako eh :D

  5. let me know if you will be at alabang!! ;)

  6. nice goals julie, you can do it! yep, stay injury-free! =)

  7. Nice, reasonable goals Julie. Kaya mo yan. Buti ka pa 3 lbs lang kailangan i-lose haha. Glad to hear you are doing SWAC 4. To have fun is the key in SWAC. When you are having fun, everything becomes extra-lite :-)

  8. @Life Runner: we can do it! =)
    @Kassy: ok =)
    @Jet: thanks Jetty =)
    @Rico: I already lost most of the weight when I started running, hehe. So scared of SWAC 4 to be honest! Need to prepare =)

  9. good luck to your goals. anyway, i just want to add that you need a coach to teach you the proper way.

    coach salazar

  10. Lets Go! Lets Go! :)

    Hi Coach Salazar! :P


  11. woww... you have good goals with good intention to other people too :) I wish I could also invite more people to run.

    By the way, let's run for a free education.

    Also, please remove my old blog (ek-xo-dus) from your blog roll and replace it with my new blog:

    Thanks hotlegs :)

  12. Thank you for your plan to do the Condura run 2010 , 21k.
    May your goals be full filed for 2010.
    Thank you regards

    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  13. @Pat: I registered on the first day. I am so excited for this event. Thank you so much for visiting my blog =)


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