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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Things in Life are Freeeee!

It's been days and I'm still ecstatic about winning a pair of Mizunos at their Expo last Sunday. I've never won anything in a raffle. Really. I just wanted to blog about how it went down...

Right after Hector (from Secondwind) talked about wearing the proper shoes, I left my seat and went to the area where they were selling the shoes. I asked how much the Nirvana 5 was. I was hoping to get a good discount since they said that they will be on sale. Alas, they're were only 10% OFF . =( So from the original price of Php5,495, it was down to 4,945.50.
Still too expensive for me. My Nike Span 6 was still relatively new. Just bought it last month. But I REALLY wanted and NEEDED the Nirvana 5 to correct my gait so I won't feel pain on my ankles anymore. I fitted it and it really felt good on my feet. By just merely standing on them, I could feel it already correcting my overpronation. It's a miracle! :p

Anyway, disheartened and with a long face, I told the salesgirl assisting me, "Cge, next time nalang..."

I went back to my seat and continued to listen to the other guests talk. In between talks, they would raffle out towels from Gatorade, Mizuno caps, Mizuno bags, etc. There were two major prizes. A Suunto watch and a pair of Mizuno Running Shoes.

When they announced the running shoes prize, I stared at the bond paper intently and said to myself, "I will win that! That will be mine!" I said it about 3 times. Seriously. At that point, I already claimed it to be mine.

I guess it worked! When the time came to announce the winner for the shoes, I sat nervously and was even making my friends from laugh by acting all nervous. Another name was called. But luckily, he wasn't around anymore to claim it. So they had to grab another name from the bowl (actually it was a mini golf bag)...

"Julie Reyes"...they announced.

I couldn't believe it! They said my name! I won it! It's all mine, mine, MINE!!!

I walked towards the emcees, waiving to the crowd like a beauty queen. Yes, I seriously did this! Even pretended I was in their delight and amusement, of course. Haha!

So that's how it all went down. I still can't believe I won these lovely running shoes. I rested for a whole week. No running so I can recover from my injury. So I guess this is my prize for being a good girl. =)

Thank you, God! =)

*See more pics HERE!♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

Thanks to Carina and Mizuno for some of the pics =)

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  1. Nice shoes!!!! Congratulations! Are you going to wear it on your next race?

  2. jules, welcome to my talent pool :) what a way to start your "career" with me huh :) tulad ng ng tagline ko sa mga talents ko: "Stick with me and we'll go PLACES"

    kasi tatakbo tayo! hahahaha :)

    congrats again and see you on the road soon! :)

  3. Wow, congratulations! I also had a new pair of running shoes, the Nike LunarGlide. It's my angel's Christmas gift :)

  4. Congrats Ms. Hotlegs Runner, now I know your name, hehehe... See you on PSE Bull Run wearing your new Mizuno shoes..


  5. Thanks guys!

    Ling, yes, i will =)

    Timmy, how much yung cut mo? hehe!

    @Running Atom: which reminds me, I need to mention my real name on my About Me page =p

  6. woohoohoo!! nice one, julie!! :D now, we're twins! :D

    @minnie...ako rin, may new shoes given to me by my boo naman :P ahhahhah!!

    aren't we three just sooooo lucky??? :P

  7. Wow, congrats Julie! You are just soooo lucky! take care!:-)

  8. nice one julie! congratulations!!!

  9. new spanking shoes for free! now, that's hot! =) congrats your hotness! =)

  10. Nice Julie. if you set your intentions things actually work out for you. I learned that from my wife who is taking a management training course. Have fun with them shoes.


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