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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Phil. Star Celebrity Run

The Celebrity Run was my last race for 2009. My intention was to make it a good one with the hopes of beating my 1st 10K time of 1:10. Unfortunately, my right ankle failed me again.

I felt fine until I reached 6K. On the first uphill after the 6K mark, I felt that familiar sharp pain on my right ankle again. The same one I felt a few weeks ago at the Corregidor race. And i was like, "$"! I slowed down my pace but I felt the pain gradually building up.

So from then on, it was run... walk... run... walk for me. So much for beating my last 1:10 time. I promised Pat I would stop running when my ankle started to hurt. Evidently, I didn't listen to him. I would only technically stop, "running". Hehe! Whenever I felt the pain I would walk a couple of seconds and as soon as it was gone, I would run. However, the pain would only disappear for a couple of seconds as well. After running, say around, 20 meters, there it was again.

I should've just signed up for 5K. Duh!

Anyway, there were 2 consolations for me yesterday on my "injured running day"...

1. My babygirl (not really a baby anymore but I still call her as such) was with me that day. She participated in her first 3K run. She finished in 30 mins. She's not really the athletic type and this was just something we wanted to do for our Sunday mommy-daughter bonding day.

Our race results! (click for larger view)

2. It was raining. It wasn't some kind of torrential downpour. Just the light-pang-MTV-kindda rain. Well, yeah I had a this fear of my iPhone getting soaked but I welcomed the rain. I just love love love running in the rain! The raindrops feel good on your face and it makes me feel all hardcore. Naks!

Other than my injury, another thing I didn't like so much and noticed was that the race wasn't so organized. Was it just me feeling this? I heard the 21K turned out to be 22K+! And there was a mix up at the 5K route. Runners were getting lost! What the...?!! I wasn't so affected by this though. Just a vibe I felt and later on confirmed after the race. Nonetheless, there's always a silver lining for me. It was another chance for me to run. So not much to complain about other than my dumb ankle.

That being said, my Christmas wish is for me to have an injury free 2010. That's it pancit!

Merry Christmas to all the fabulous runners on the planet!

Merry Christmas from The Hoff! hehe! =D

More pics from the Celebrity Run HERE.♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

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  1. whoa! she's your daughter? i thought sister hahaha

    and you know the hoff na hahaha

  2. wahhahahaah!!! the HOFF!!! aylabit! bwaahahaha!!

    anyway...enough of the hoff...t'was still good time, considering your injury :D i told you my PR for 10K is 1:14...and that's injury-free! wahahaha!!

    hey, just take it easy muna...take the rest of the year off from running...or just run lightly lang...nothing too serious muna. it's sooooo easy to get injured, so difficult to get back on track :S

    merry christmas, julie!

    kelan ba tayo magkikita?? hahahaa!!

  3. WOW ang laki na ni Mikah!!! twas so nice to see you again! kahit 2 seconds lang!!!



  4. @Jet: haha yes! =)
    @Erie: I'll see you tonight! =)
    @Brad: likewise babe! glad you saw me! Are you a member of

  5. Oh yeah, 5K is terrible. I should have signed up for 10K =(

  6. Injuries always suck.. I remember when I was being plagued by my runner's knee, it was just annoying.

    Hope you get better soon! =)


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