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Monday, December 7, 2009

Conquering Corregidor a.k.a. "The Rock"

new friends from takbo.phI wasn't supposed to join this race. I wanted to but I was already late for registration (so what's new?). But I think God wanted me to do this race so He sent an angel named Eire D. (my good friend) to tell me just a couple of days before the race that her friend won't be able to make it so she's selling her race bib. Yes, it was meant to be.

I met new runner friends from A group of wonderful
people who welcomed me into their clique with open arms. You guys rock!

The race started about an hour late. First time for me to experience a late gun start. And so I was informed by my new friends that, "yes, it happens". Gun start was suppose to be at 8am. I thought that was already too late. Oh dear, the heat! The sun! I avoid it like the plague!

People at the starting line at the Malinta Tunnel, were getting restless. Over in the front they were cheering and clapping, making all sorts of noises as if to say, "Hello? Let's go! What are we waiting for?" To this day, I wonder what took them so long.

Finally, the gun went off. And I thought I was gonna trip or fall on someone at the start of the race. It was sooo dark inside the tunnel! But I didn't. That would've been my karma for being so anal about the gun start. haha!

I can say that this race humbled me right from the start. It was truly the most difficult race of 2009. Just a few kilometers from the starting line, the very first and most unforgiving uphill faced me and as my muscles began to ache, I was asking myself what I got myself into. Does anyone know the incline on that hill? Calling all Garmin users!

What was I thinking?

1. My farthest run ever was 10K and it was just a week before at the New Balance Power Race.


2. I didn't have enough time to train for this grueling 16K!

I just pleaded to God to let me finish this race unscathed. Unfortunately, right after that morbid uphill my right ankle started to hurt. It was a sharp pinching pain which I tried so hard to ignore. But when I reached my 10K it really started to bother me. My body pleaded for me to stop but I just didn't want to give up. Ankles, don't fail me now!

As I struggled with the pain, a breathtaking view made me stop. Completely. I haven't seen anything this beautiful in a long time. I was lucky to see Earl behind me and I screamed and said, "Earl, picturan mo ako please!" Those benches looked really inviting. *snaps out of the spell*

Darn it! That photo op caused me a minute or two! Well, it was worth it. It already seemed like I was doing more of a "Picture Pace" since my injury was slowing me down.

I tried to distract myself. I took off my left earpiece so I can hear the cool breeze and the rustling trees, while I still listen to my playlist on the other end. It was nice to get away from the city. From all the busy streets, smog and pollution. To breathe fresh air and experience nature while running. Priceless.

My Nike Sportband said I just had 5K left until I reach the finish line. That's still a long way! My ankles are already about to surrender and break free from my legs and just bury itself somewhere in the forest. Yeah right about this moment, here on this trail, the pain was already unbearable. And the rocky terrain made it worse.

Thank you Earl for the pic, by the way. The first ever pic of me running. I wish to have one with me actually facing the camera. Hehe!

Anyway, I was just a few kilometers from the finishline, I couldn't believe I was looking at the same god-forsaken uphill again! Was I running around in circles?! Aaaargh! ... And so the "limp-running" started. So many service cable cars passed me with some runners on it (later on I found out that they were the ones who couldn't finish the race anymore). I was tempted, at this point, to call it quits. Seriously. Either that or someone will just pick me up from the pavement later on.

I couldn't care much about my ambitious goal of finishing within 2 hours anymore. I just wanted to FINISH. Period.

And I did.

Below are my colorful straws that they hand to the runners every 4 miles (i think).

My sportband says I finished at 2 hours and 21 minutes (see pic above). My runner friends said that it is a good time for a first timer on a 16K run. But it wasn't good enough for me. It wasn't my intention to compete against anyone in this race. I was in it to compete against my worst adversary...MYSELF.

Yes. I can say...

I Came. I Saw. I Conquered Corregidor.

But I promise to do better next year.

Kudos to the organizers! I'm sure you've heard about the other complaints already from the forums and blogs, so I will spare you since I couldn't care less about those issues in the event anymore. I was just happy to be a part of it. Thank you for the challenge! See you again next year! =)

p.s. Just wanted to share this funny pic from forum member, Jaypee. Told you it was a tough course. LOL!

More pics to HERE! ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

*UPDATE: Race Results are out. Download it HERE. So, apparently I finished it at 2:24:39 =)

*photo credits: Caezar and Rodel

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  1. Ceazar Ryan AquinoDecember 7, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    The Corregidor route rendered Mckinley Hill nothing but a flat ground. It was indeed a difficult race :)

  2. nice blog julie! ;) congrats on finishing your first 10miler! We promise you that is a great finish time. Don't worry the cut off was 12noon! :) Rest well and see you in races yet to come!

  3. @Caezar: Very humbling for us runners.

    @Doc Marvin: Thanks doc! Tag me when you upload the pics ha =)

  4. Hey Julie! Did Corregidor gave us a blast? I'm sure that we can do better next time... trainingpa tayo! weeee!

  5. i am very impressed with your dedication to keep a journal of your running experiences. i look forward to details of your future runs and races. stay strong!

  6. congrats julie, your lucky to have corre race as your 10mi debut of the best in 2009...ang bilis mo, soon to be halimaw...thanks sa pics to...kita-kits sa takbo

  7. woohoo!! adik na talaga! may running blog na! hahahh!! so what'd i tell ya? is just great, ain't it? :P the peeps are the best! :D welcome to the wonderful world of running...and! :P

    great run, julie! :D congratulations! :D

    don't want to burst your bubble, though or anything, but you have great potential and it's soooo sayang if you're just going to get train properly and train well...i feel bad that your ankle hurts. rest, elevate, compress and ice it, okay? wag matigas ang ulo na itatakbo pa rin ng walang humpay yan! aawayin kita! :P

    anyway, congrats again! see you in the upcoming runs :D BE INJURY-FREE, okay? :D

  8. congratulations! :) with constant training, im sure you'll be able to conquer this route stronger next year. see you on the next race! :)

  9. Hi Julie,

    The last picture just says it all about how difficult it was to run (& walk) those hills!

    Congratulations on your run!:-)

  10. @Rodel: Yes, for sure! Better by being more prepared next year =)

    @Luni: Thanks for always encouraging me =)

    @Earl: thanks for the pics again hehe =)

    @Eire: tigas ng ulo ko kasi. LOL!

    @Marvin: Thanks Marv!

    @Sir Rene: Nice to have met you and shared the same pavement and trail with you po =)

  11. Good job Julie, why do I have this weird feeling that in just a couple of months you will be eating these 10-milers for breakfast? :P

  12. oh dear, Luis! I hope so! With the help of you guys. I'm so new at this... =(

  13. I and the other slow runners are post-meal dessert.


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