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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Brisk Walking My A%@"! quote the funny response of Doc Eire to me at the SB today.

Quick Backstory: I injured my ankle last Sunday at the 10-Mile Corregidor Race. Julius said it's coz I didn't train for uphill runs before the race. Duh! Stupid Julie, stupid!

I've been glued to my bed the last 2 days. Only doing some mat Pilates yesterday in an attempt to do something physical. There's nothing worse than being injured. Yes, other than the pain, it just simply sucks not to be able to RUN! 2 days of no running for me was pure torture! I bonded with my bed. If I allowed that for one more day, I swear I'd slip into a freakin' coma!

So this afternoon, I told the folks at the takbo SB that I will just be "brisk walking" today. Hence, Doc Erie's response.

I knew I was lying. They all knew! LOL! Hey I did brisk walk for 1.3K then started jogging. Just short strides. Concentrating on my breathing, engaging my core, landing carefully on my mid-foot, and praying to high heavens.

The moment I would feel even the slightest hint of pain, I'd stop and brisk walk again. According to my Nike + sportband I ran 4.23 km on 12/9/2009 at 6:33 PM with a pace of 8'07"/km. See. I was a good girl. *bats eyelashes"

I Didn't feel any pain anymore. Thank you God! I am tempted to run again tomorrow but I really shouldn't push it. I just plan to do some Yoga and some Elastic Band exercises for muscle toning and to strengthen my ankles (see pic below. that is not me, ok?).

*pic taken from Click the link for more Ankle sprain exercises.

Another lesson learned the hard way. Train, train, train.♥.•:*¨*:•.♥


  1. bwahahah!! buti may disclaimer ka na those weren't your feet and legs...hairy ha! bwahahahah!! sherwood forest :P hahaha!! anyway...yeah, brisk walk my big fat A$$ talaga! :P buti at good girl ka (bats EXTENDED lashes :P) hahahaah!!!
    sya...keep up the good work...don't worry, you'll be able to run in a few :D

  2. LOL! and too big naman the calves to be me! =D

  3. Get well! Don't worry much, you'll be back on the road and you sure did have gone through a huge step towards running - NO FEAR and just head yourself there. I salute you on that!

    Miss you Julie! :)

    Glad you're running :D

  4. Hope your sprained ankle gets well soon! And thanks for dropping by my blog. :) You should get the corect shoes if you think you over pronate which is a stability shoe.

  5. @kassy: hey! didn't know you were into running too =) thought you were a surfer chic =)

    @witchkitty: yup got the right shoes for it from Runnr =)

  6. added you too on my blogroll :) Haha I surf and I run.. or so at least I'm a baby of both :)

    hi chia! i miss you! (@witchkitty)

  7. haha! ang kulet ng disclaimer! :p catch ya on the next race!

  8. Marv, you believe naman na that's not me right? haha!


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