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Monday, November 23, 2009

My Gait Analysis at Runnr

Ok, one thing I really wish is that someone told me that I should've had my gait analyzed first before buying my shoes and before I started using it. I've been running for almost two weeks and even joined my first 5K run using my Nike Zoom Free Everyday, which turned out to be the bad shoes for me.

And I had to find out the hard way. I've been dancing professionally for years and I have never had any injury. Except when I started running. It's already bad enough that I run on pavement every other day, and to be using the wrong shoes...Ugh! The pain! My ankles started to hurt. I thought I was just overdoing it but after further research online, I soon realized what the problem was.

So, the next day I went to Runnr at the Fort and had my gait analyzed. I digress, I ALSO wish that someone told me that they open at 12noon since I was already there at 10:30am. Haha!

Anyway, the test was quick and easy. The "gait analysis guy", named Julius, made me stand on this plate called a "podoscope" which determined my foot type and size. And it was normal. They he made me run barefoot on this treadmill(see pic above) which had a high-speed video camera behind my feet (by the way, that's not me on the video of the pic), which recorded my gait. We reviewed it in slow motion coz he wanted to show me what my problem was.

I was surprised to see how I ran! I was like, "that's me?" In dance, we call this "turn-out". When our ankles protrude forward. But the guy called it "overpronation" aka "The Silent Injurer". According to, "it describes a slight inward rolling motion the foot makes during a normal walking or running stride. The foot (and ankle) roles slightly inward to accommodate movement. Some people, however, over-pronate and roll more than normal. With over-pronation, the arch of the foot flattens and causes excessive stress and pressure on the soft tissues of the foot. Over-pronation is more common in those with flat feet, and can lead to foot aches and pain, such as Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints and Knee Pain."

Here's a video of how an overpronator, like me, runs...

No wonder I was hurting! Duh! The Nike Zoom I got didn't offer any support on my ankles and I was wearing the wrong size all these years for rubber shoes! So I had to get the proper footwear which feel under "Stability" and in a size 6.5 (I thought I was size 6). And so I got the Nike Span 6 Bowerman. And they happen to have it in Purple (which is my fave color for now). *grins*

I used it the same day and... voila! My ankles didn't hurt as much anymore! I love love love my new shoes and my feet and legs are thanking me, haha!

I found this video of Danny Dreyer, author of the book and founder of the method of running instruction called, ChiRunning. Here's what he has to say about correcting pronation...

So to all the newbies out there, please have your gait analyzed first to prevent injuries. The best thing about this is that it's FREE and they don't pressure you to buy from them. Thank you Runnr! ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

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  1. good job! :) hehehe :) also you can have your gait analyzed sa second wind in ortigas home depot (nearer pa to your place) the owners and the people manning the store are really hardcore runners (members ng pinoy ultra runners) and also, runners/ triathletes themselves :) para ka lang tumatambay with friends when you discuss stuff about running :)

    yun lang :) welcome again and hope to see you more on the road! :)


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