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Sunday, January 9, 2011

STRIDE Sport Bikini Winner & This Week's Roundup

Thanks to everyone who joined this giveaway!  

And the winner of the STRIDE Sport Bikini Undies is....
#25 Lesley @
Woot!  Congrats Lesley! 

End of the Week Roundup

Here's a roundup of the week's postings all in one place in case you missed any of them!

How much did I accomplish?  2010 Goals: The Assessment
 My Goals for 2011- All set!  Let's do this!
Thank you! Receiving and Giving Awards - I'm not worthy! :p
My favorite post of the week - Fear or Faith?  Which one will you choose for 2011?



  1. Winner, winner, chicken dinner... let me know if you need my address, but I think you have it from my Christmas card!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Love love love your fear or faith post!!! I read it twice, I learned so much and it is going to help me big time!!! I just caught up on all your posts and I love your assessment of last year and your goals for are going to rock them!! THANK YOU so much for the link to your video...I watched it with my hubby and we loved it. You really are the greatest! Have an amazing Monday!

  3. I tagged you in my latest post with a "Stylish Blogger Award." I know you already played, but part of the rules is me letting you know that I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog, and I think you're awesome. :D


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