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Friday, January 21, 2011

Almost an Accident

It would've been my very first running accident, but I'm glad I was spared.

I just got back from my speedwork on the trail today.  I've always been careful especially after a runner died when she got hit by a cyclist last year in Dallas.

share the road
 Katy Trail. Our trail "kindda" looks like this.

Here's what happened...

During my second 1600meter TT, I wanted to shift to the other side of the trail coz the road had a slight slope and my body was leaning to the right to some degree already -- don't want no ITB!

Before shifting to the left I turned my head 90 degrees to the left (my eyes even further back as much as it could) to see if there were any cyclists behind me.  I swear to you...


So I slowly inched my way to the left side of the road and when I was halfway there I heard a guy screaming...


And then I saw him from the corner of my eye...a cyclist...and we almost collided!  He was just inches away from me and I saw him swerve to the left while I pulled myself to the right side.

My immediate reaction was to say..."OH SORRY!"

But he continued down the road.  Not saying anything or even looking back. He was on a road bike, wearing a T- shirt, shorts and no helmet

As I finished my run I couldn't help but think if it was entirely my fault.  I was careful.  I was not listening to music.  I did check if anyone was behind me before crossing.  I even freakin' apologized.

I'm not a cyclist (yet!) so correct me if I'm wrong, but, wasn't he supposed to shout out "on your left!" when he was meters away from me.   I'd surely like to know coz I wouldn't want to hurt a runner while on my bike in the future... =(

We all hear horror stories of car drivers killing cyclists and cyclists colliding with runners.  When I drive my car, I'm very careful when there are cyclists around. Shouldn't cyclists be cautious around runners too since bicycles are considered vehicles as well?  We runners don't stand a chance. =(

I'm not pointing my finger at anyone here.  Just sharing my experience, my thoughts and questions.  I'd love to hear yours.

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  1. Yes he should have been YELLING on your left but I suspect that since he wasn't wearing a helmet he probably doesn't know the rules of the road for cyclists.

    There is no blame to place on anybody just need to understand the rules of the road is all.

    You did right by looking around before going and checking for them. Since you weren't wearing headphones then you had to have heard everything around you and had he yelled 'on your left' you would have heard him.

    It is a tragic story of the woman that died down here. It wasn't the only accident there either. Another happened recently as well as one down at White Rock where I run as well.

    BTW - when this first came up I said to myself wow that looks just like the Katy Trail here....

  2. I'm glad you weren't hurt! Yes, he should have said, "On your left!" When I am biking on a multiuse trail, or anywhere for that matter, I always say, "on your left" before I pass.

  3. I have a hard time respecting bikers who don't use a helmet anyway.

  4. im glad you werent hurt. this wont be your last close call nor mine. you did all the right things. t shirt and no helmet tells me he was on a fixed gear bike. OC/LA's newest trend .

  5. He should have said on your left. When I'm cycling I SHOUT it and then say "good morning" or "good afternoon" when I pass.

    I was actually HIT by a cyclist while running on the sidewalk earlier this year and the guy didn't stop or slow down or look back. Some people are just jerks, I guess.

    And because we all have a part in this, you probably should have stayed to the right if you were on a multiuse trail. cyclists are moving a lot faster than runners and they seem to come up out of nowhere. And as a runner, I signal by waving, saying thank you, thumbs up or something anyone shouts to me to let them know that I heard them.

    Anyway...glad you weren't hurt.

  6. Nice to hear your thoughts guys! thank you!

    @LisaI really didn't want to stay on the right anymore since the road on the right side was really sloping down already. Was being careful with my right knee and didn't want ITB. Funny coz at the expense of being careful with those things I just mentioned, something much worse could've happened to me. =/

    But thanks for the good advice for both running and cycling. All noted. =)

  7. so glad you are ok. i am also not a biker, but i believe he could've made more of an effort to let you know he was coming up behind you.

    good luck on your future runs at this location.

  8. Glad you're okay!

    When I did my first triathlon, I had never ridden a bike near other people (besides my boyfriend and brother), so I made sure to go to the informational meeting. The most important thing I learned was that the left lane is for passing only, and to shout on your left when passing others. Many people didn't and I was surprised! I guess some people just don't get it or don't know any better?

    What kind of cyclist doesn't wear a helmet?? hellllo head injury!

  9. Glad you survived...sorry you had to deal with that!
    I would have been peeved if I were you. The guy should have said "on your left" and definitely should have been wearing his helmet! At the very least he could have apologized too, you know!

  10. I have had so many run-ins with cars where I have almost gotten run over. Ugh. People are stupid sometimes and so inconsiderate.

  11. EEEK! Scary stuff--glad you are ok!

  12. Goodness! I'm glad u weren't hurt.
    I think we all have a part to play and u did your part by checking and not listening to music, so he should do his too.

  13. so glad you weren't hurt! i've had lots of close calls before and they never cease to stop being a bit scary

  14. I wish people had more biking/running etiquette sometimes! I hate rude bikers! My runninng ladies and I have had runners swear at us! We were doing our best to get in single file but it was snowy out.
    twitter @jkhmiller

  15. Glad you are okay and didn't get a bicycle wheel up your bum!! He totally FAILED and should've given you a "ON your left"! Boo cyclist!

  16. I bet the scared the stuff right out of you! I've had that happen before too... and I agree with the others - he should of called out 'on your left'. I bet it made you finish your run a little faster too! Glad you're ok!

  17. Geez that's scary - glad you weren't hurt!

  18. I received the GU in the mail this weekend! Thanks again!!

  19. You poor little thing!! You definitely did nothing wrong! He should have said on your left!!! FOR SURE!! He wasn't even wearing a helmet. So glad you didn't get hurt cute thing!

  20. Getting taken out by a bicyclist: That's F'd up. I'd be embarrassed to go that way at least.

  21. Being Dutch, cycling is just part of every day life. I cycle back and forth to work every single day. And yes, you're supposed to ring and shout when you're passing someone. This guy was just being rude!

  22. If he was, indeed, on a "road bike", his ass should have been on a "road", and not on a trail. I disagree with the fact that those type of bikes should be on a trail. Now, the slower bikes, recreational, that is one thing, but the speed at which road bikes go, no. Well, that is my opinion anyways. Nothing against cyclists, as I do cycle to, but I WOULD not be hammering down a trail where I know that runners and walkers are. Duh.


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