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Friday, December 10, 2010

Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon Race Recap (Part 2)

Thank you for your comments on yesterday's post.  Glad to know you enjoyed Part 1 of my marathon recap.  I think the photos helped a lot.

Ok so where were we?....Ah....

*click to enlarge*
Mile 13 - 19
I have to admit that the coarse became less exciting at this point.  We were no longer at the strip and were running in the residential areas.  This was the time I turned on my iPod and started listening to my running playlist.  There were a couple of cheerleaders and some rock bands in designated areas in the course, but I zoned out already and it was just me, my music and the pavement.  I also saw other runners throwing up, others stopped to stretch, and a male runner who passed me doing this...

{phone rings and guy runner grabs his phone from his pocket and answers} 
male runner: Hello? .....Yeah MOM!  I can't talk right now.
{he listens for 3 seconds}
male runner:  I can't talk right now coz I'm running a marathon!!!
{closes flip phone and puts it back in his pocket}
You're the best! Thank you guy runner for amusing me even for just a minute.  =)

Mile 19 - 22
I know it wasn't a wise thing to do but during these miles, I was somehow anticipating the worst things to happen like my right knee pain and hitting the wall.  "Any moment now", I thought to myself.  But it never happened.  Sure, I was starting to feel tired and my pace started to slow down but other than that, I felt fine!  I started to listen to all the words of encouragement and the cheers being shouted out to us by the people on the sides.  I started reading the posters they made to motivate me.  I must say it really helped a LOT. Here are some of the signs I remember....

"Dig Deep!  Pain is temporary. Pride is forever"
"You're kicking Betty White's Ass"
"Make this Bridge your B**ch!"
"Run Faster!  I just farted!

There were two ladies who I saw 3 times in different areas of the course and I'd like to thank them and all the others who were standing on the sides cheering us on.  Your words kept my mind pleasantly occupied and my will power strong.

Mile 22 - 26.2
I can't believe it is almost over.  Still no sign of the wall but my pace has slowed down drastically.  The temp was definitely warmer but there was a cool breeze (Thank God!).  Both my top layers were tossed to the side of the street already and I was now just wearing  my Nike training top.

Nothing was painful but my feet felt like they were swollen from all that pavement pounding.  Like they were as big as Ronald McDonalds' feet!  They almost felt numb.

A few meters away was a bridge.  Uh-oh.  Uphill.  Great.  Just what I need.  Then a female runner wearing a pink tee passed me and I read a verse from the bible on the back of her shirt....

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me." - Phillipians 4:13

I felt so inspired, I ran the whole bridge. I felt more tired after though.  Haha!  I wanted to go back to my real race pace.  So I walked.  I walked for one minute within the last 500 meters so that I could start kicking it during the last 200 meters.

I saw the finish line and I was ecstatic.  It was like an oasis in the desert!  That's when I started kicking it.  It didn't feel fast though, like my usual sprint speed towards the finish line in my other races.  But it was all the strength I could muster.  I'm almost there.

Then, I heard Mike's voice!

"Go Hana!!!"

(Hana is our term of endearment by the way) And then I saw him on my right with Victor and his family.  They were cheering, clapping and screaming.  I forced out a smile.  I was really happy to see them just as much as I was happy to see that darn finish line!

<--- See, I was really tired!  Looked and felt it. 

I fixed my stare straight ahead, towards the finish line. And while I was running the last 100 meters towards it, I recall thinking, "You gotta remember this moment forever!"  And I think there might have been the Olympic theme song playing in the background too! :p

And... I did it!  And I have MORE photos of me crossing the finish line to prove it....


Not so happy with my photo crossing the finish line but I love this one....
Woot! I can totally work in Vegas! Werk it...werk...WERK iiiiit!!!

I wobbled, yes, wobbled my way to grab some more free food and water...
...and saw Mike waiting for me just as I came out...
He hugged me so tightly and told me how proud he was of me.  I said, "Thanks hana, but, ouch, my neck!"  I wanted to cry but I think I was too dehydrated to do so.  Need to replenish fluids ASAP!

Look at that sweet HEAVY and GLITTERY medal!  These are the only times you will ever see me kissing metal!

The walk back to Mandalay Bay parking lot was painful.  Almost immediately, after the above photos were taken, my body felt sore.  Like really SORE.  Like I-ran-a-marathon-kindda-sore.  Oh wait I just did! Hee!

I was walking like my grandmother and had to stop to sit on a bench for a couple of minutes to rest.

Like I said in my race recap teaser...

"I finished it with no knee pain!  I prayed and requested that I just finish by the cut-off time (5 hours and 30 mins). But God had a better plan...Official time says I finished 5:19:01. Less two seconds and it would've been 5:18. Hehe!  But I'm happy with my time. =)"

So that concludes my race report for the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  My very first full marathon.

I am overjoyed and proud to say... I AM A MARATHONER!

...AND... I am sooooo doing this AGAIN! =)



  1. What a great race! You ARE a marathoner!! Fantastic!

  2. friggin awesome!
    u r a MARATHONER! this is something no one can ever take away from u!
    great race recap! u did it!!

  3. What a great recap and race! Way to go girl! I hope you are still flying high on Cloud 9! :)

  4. awesome!!!!!!!

    Congratulations :) you are my inspiration - thanks for running this race!

  5. I loved your recap!! GREAT JOB!!!

  6. Woohoo! Congrats on your race! You did awesome!!! Those pics at the end were great! YOU ARE A MARATHONER!!!

  7. Congrats again!!!! Loved part 2 also. Great pics. I'm so happy for you. Running a marathon is an amazing experience. Nothing was like my first one.

  8. Great job!

    Have you thought about which one #2 will be?

  9. Congrats Lady in Pink, you are a Marathoner!

  10. Congradulations! It's such an amazing feeling when you complete your first marathon. Then your ready to sign up for your next one.

  11. Girl, you were RIGHT in front of me! My clock time was 5:51. I don't know how I didn't see you! Aside from the fact that I was deliriously tired by that time. haha

    You did so great!

  12. YAY!!! You made it!! Way to go!!

    I'm always amazed at how sore I am the second I cross the finish line. I always wonder, "How was I just running?"

  13. Julie I love reading this and looking at all the pics, my favorite is the 2 when you crossed the line...arms up...made me teary I must say!!!

  14. I love it, I love it -- Such an awesome recap and fantastic pictures, I got teary too at the finish line pics of your arm up in victory! I am so proud to know you and am very inspired!

  15. Woo-hoo! Awesome recap... and you look gorgeous even when you are exhausted.

    Oh, wait, I hear something??? Is that the sound of San Diego on June 5th? I think it is... yep, definitely hear it...

  16. a great race for sure! i love all the pics. especially the one of you with the...drag queen? hahah!

  17. I LOVED reading this recap so so much!! You ARE a marathoner. That is so awesome that you never really hit the must have trained hard:) You look gorgeous in all your pics, no fair!

  18. congrats again MARATHONER!
    Can't wait to hear which one is next! Now go rest up, recover and get shopping on Marathon Guide!

  19. So awesome!! The pictures are awesome and you did a great job capturing so many memorable moments. But 2 things I love especially: that you prayed before the race & Philippians 4:13 - that verse gets me every time.

    Congrats!! So proud of you!

  20. Wow Julie - that was an excellent race recap - I felt like I was watching you run! What a great job you did, and what a wonderful attitude you had on the race - I know it can't have been easy, but you are amazing and made it look like it was! Congratulations again - love that medal picture!

  21. did it amd are a MARATHONER!!!!!

    Congrats to you and thrilled to see that you are doing another one.

    Loved the comparison to RMcDonald. Hilarious.

  22. Wooohooooo, you are a marathoner!! I'm soo impressed how well the race went for you. You were really good prepared. You must be soo proud!! Get some well deserved rest!!

  23. YEAH!! Congrats on your accomplishment. That is HUGE!! YOu rock! That is so awesome, congrats! Doesn't it feel great?

    What the heck was that kid doing running with a cell phone? I don't get it. funny story though! ha

    Soooo when is your next one? :)

  24. Thanks everyone =)

    @Rose and Caratunk Girl: still choosing between Rock n Roll San Diego(june) and OC Marathon (may) =)

    @Lesley: Aaarrrgh! so hard to decide. Still doing some research haha!

  25. Definitely do the OC marathon! I loved it last year. Great organization and a lot smaller than a Rock n Roll!
    The course was pretty and flat. You won't be disappointed. Congratulations on finishing LV!!!

  26. I teared-up when I saw your picture at the Finish with your arm up high. Wonderful picture!

    Phillipians 4:13 near the finish is my fave verse ever. I'd like to think your guardian angels and mine connived on that one. :)

    I am so proud of you, Marathoner Julie!!! Biggest hug!

  27. Woo hoo!!! Awesome job Julie! Congrats on finishing your first marathon! This was a great report...felt like I was running with you. I also enjoyed all of the fantastic pictures:) Go you! You are a marathoner!!!

  28. Congrats! You are amazing! What is next for you?

  29. Thanks for sharing your story!! Congrats again on your Marathon !

  30. you're now the hotlegs marathoner! congratulations!!! we are so proud of you ate julie ;) uwi ka dito then ultramarathon naman! XOXO

  31. Awesome, awesome finish Julie :) The guy with the cellphone was hilarious haha :) I am so proud of you! I recall right around this time last year I met you for the first time at Conquer Corregidor's 10-miler. And now look at how far you have gone :) Wonderful time too :D What's next, ultra naman! :P

  32. Woohoo!!! Your post seriously inspired me to do a marathon. And the guy who talked to his mom while running -- high-larious!

  33. great post! and how do you look so amazing in your photos??? so pretty--even after 26.2! congrats!

  34. OMG! Just found your blog today and love it!! I was supposed to be at the Vegas for my first 1/2 marathon- long story (family illness) that kept me home but I've already chosen four more for next year! Your blog is awesome- I'll be back regularly! Congrats on your first marathon- WOOT!! ;-)

  35. Hi Ms. Hotlegs Runner :)

    I really like your debut-marathon recap. Very juicy and with exciting details.
    And what I like most is the latter part of it - as you were running the last 100 meters: "You gotta remember this moment forever!"

    One big congratulations! Thank you for sharing :)

  36. Thanks everyone! =)

    @Stacey: seriously considering it =)

    @Marga: you inspire me, babe!

    @Meggan: Sand Diego or OC Marathon =)

    @Luis: sent you email. hope you got it =)

    @Elizabeth: must be a very good camera they are using. LOL!

  37. What a great race report! Congrats on your race!!

  38. Congratulations Julie!!! Great report! Loved all the pics - and no such thing as too much pink! :) Enjoy that recovery time - glad you already know you want to do it again! And I've totally taken phone calls before during a race - so funny! :)


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