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Monday, December 13, 2010

Race Review: Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2010

I feel I have to post my race review for anyone who might be Google-ing this race.  You see, I'm trying to decide between two marathons for marathon #2 next year.  And it's a toss up between OC Marathon (May) and Rock n' Roll San Diego Marathon (June).  I've spent 2 days Google-ing and reading different reviews on blogs and forums and I must say it really helps with the decision making.

So here goes...

My rating for this race is... 4.5 HOT LEGS!

What I LOVED...

1.  COURSE - It was relatively flat.  I recall only two bridges which we encountered twice being that it was an out and back route.  Perfect for your first marathon and if you want to PR. For the first 13.1, you will be running up and down the strip.  The second half will be around residential areas.

2.  HYDRATION STATIONS - Very sufficient and lots of volunteers handing out water and Cytomax. 

3.  ENERGY GELS - LOTS of it at 2 different areas.  Roughly around mile 7.5 and 21.  There were two kinds: Roctane (Pomegranate) and the regular ones.  Not sure what the other one was since I really just use Roctane.

4.  SPECTATORS/CROWD SUPPORT - A lot of spectators (especially in the strip) to cheer you on.  Second half were less but still some cheerleading teams and rock bands at different areas of the course.

5.  EXPO - Race packet pick up was hassle free even if there were a lot of people in the expo.  Parking was also free. Yey!

6.  PORT-A-POTTIES - Thank God I never had to use them, but there were a lot on the start line and at different areas of the course.  I relieved myself 3 times at home and 3 times at the Mandalay Bay before going to the corral.  And maybe that's why I didn't feel like peeing during the race.

7. WAVE START - This is a must for half and full marathons and I'm glad that they had this.  Hence, there was no congestion during the first few miles.  Plus the road at the strip was really wide.

8.  MILE MARKERS and TIMERS - Thank you! A must! Loved this!

Suggested improvements for next year...

1.  TEXT UPDATES - my family, and I think everyone who signed up for this didn't get any updates.  Later on, we got a text saying that they had a technical problem and would refund the $5 on Monday.  This was really important for me coz my fiance didn't know where and when to wait for me to take my video crossing the finish line.  Hence, no video was taken. =(

2.  SWAG BAG - It was practically empty.  It was just full of invites to future race events.  Not so sure but, isn't there supposed to be more stuff in it?  Like an energy bar and some samples?

3.  TECHNICAL SHIRT - The size small was REALLY too big for me.  Maybe a size XS for us petite runners next year?

4.  POST RACE FOOD - It was very sparse compared to the Disneyland Half Marathon last September.  I just got water and some yogurt.  Where were the bananas, oranges, bagels, and energy bars? Were there any or did they pack up early? =(

There are no biggie complaints actually, but just my suggestions for a perfect race next year.  Overall, I was very happy I chose this as my very first marathon.

Thank you Rock n' Roll Las Vegas! =)



  1. This is great! People will definitely benefit from reading this. I also look for reports of a race I've never done before and it is great if I find something. Have a good week!

  2. great review ... some things I will look for in all my runs as well!

  3. My first marathon was the San Diego Rock'n'Roll. It was 60% awesome, and 40% suck. The suck was almost half because (and I really hope they change the route in the future) for a number of miles it runs on the freeway, which is slanted. That means that one leg is hitting higher ground than the other leg. For a few miles. Which I'm pretty sure is why both my running companion and I ended up with messed up legs afterward. Boo.

  4. thanks for the review! My friend Ang did the 1/2 and she said it was the most fun run she's ever done... I'm pretty sure I'm doing either the half or full next year.

  5. You must have just missed the bagels and energy bars. I got both at the finish line (a Snickers Marathon bar, to be exact), and we only crossed within a couple minutes of each other.

    But even so, yes, the recovery zone PALED in comparison to the CMM!

  6. LOVE the hotlegs rating scale!

    My comments on your suggested improvements...
    1. Every race I've done that's had text updates, they have been seriously delayed and the races ended up dropping the companies. I just don't think there's any company that really does a good job of this year.

    4. I've noticed at races that have multiple distances, and I choose the longest one, since I'm a slower runner, often the food is sparse at the finish, and it stinks. When I half marathon and there is a simultaneous full, there is always TONS of food left. I guess I understand they don't want to have a ton leftover, but they should have enough for everyone.

  7. It's interesting to see what you liked/disliked vs what I did. :) They must have run out of bananas, bagels and snickers energy bars for the marathoners. Which is a total bummer. And I agree with the swag bag-all RNR races have been that way-you have to get the freebies at the individual booths. I guess I have taken some of the RNR stuff (wave start, port-a-potties, water stations) for granted since they are the only big races I did all year. Thanks for the reminders! I like for reviews. what about you?

    oh, and my TNT team did san diego last year and many of them said what rose said-the slanted freeway and the out and back at the end in the blazing sun with no spectators were their least fav parts.

  8. Good to know, thanks...I've had mixed feelings about Vegas for some time. Still do, but always good to get more feedback!

  9. bummer about the swag bag, but it sounds like they did a great job with the stations!

  10. I have heard so many mixed things about vegas. I think I would do the half... not the full

  11. I am finding that with the races, the faster you get done, the more post race food you will see. I do remember, there was a lot more at my half than full. lol. hmmm. Thanks for the review, as is very helpful. I have not been out reading as much of late, sori if I missed anything. I wanted to say though, Congratulations again for an awesome Marathon. As far as portapotties, at my marathon, one guy decided not to wait for one and go on the course. lol

  12. i SOOOO wish more races did the text update, that is a fabu idea!

    I thought San Diego was great fun, even if I was totally injured :)

  13. Great review of the race.

    I appreciate this because it helps in deciding on future races.

    Congrats on the completion of the rock!!!!!

  14. Oh this is interesting! I have a few bits to add after running the half this year.

    Wave start - It WAS congested where I was running. My take away was to totally under predict your finish time.

    Text updates - Yep, didn't get mine either.

    Technical shirt - They did have XS. I got one. It's huge.

    Post race food - How the hell did they run out of bananas?!?! I felt like I was on the set for Planet of the Apes when I finished!

  15. Thanks everyone!

    @Rose: Thanks for letting me know. Still trying to decide between the two marathons. =)

    @Pam: really? I was really looking around for the stuff. Saw bags of bagels being put away though.

    @Elizabeth: will check out Thanks! =)

    @Laura: I really didn't see any and was looking around. oh well. Anyway, the XS was big too? hmmm =(


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