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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 1st Marathon (Health & Fitness Expo)

There were a lot of people at the expo, being that it was 3PM and was on it's second day already.  A lot of out-of-towners  just arrived in Vegas.  We, on the other hand, arrived around 11pm the night before. 

Mike and I practically breezed through the expo at the Sands Convention Center.  Just got my race bib, my swag bag, quickly checked out a few stalls, got a few samples, took a couple of photos and left.

Mike had to go to The Palms to watch the Ultimate Fighter Finale at 4pm, with his boys, you see.

Allow me to share some fun photos with you....

Claiming my race bib. "Can you find me a PINK Elvis costume?  I'll pay you."
Guy stares blankly....*...crickets...crickets...crickets...*

 My best Elvis impersonation.

 So this is what it feels like to break the tape!

 Hamming it up with some Elvises

Silly Mike!  He actually amused other people when we took this photo.

Got my number!  I'm all set! =)

The expo was very organized and I didn't encounter any long lines when claiming my race bib and swag bag.  Next post will be my race recap.

View more photos from the expo on my Facebook Page.



  1. Great pictures! Loved it! thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Julie,
    I love going to the race expos! It is so fun just to walk around and check everything out:)

    I am looking forward to your full race report.

  3. You are rockin' that guitar woman.


  4. Great pics girl! Looks like the expo was pretty good! Can't wait to read the race recap.

  5. Was your pink expo sweater in the laundry? ;-)

    Super cute. Love the photos.

  6. Looking good so far!
    Hey I got the bracelet! I'm feeling very balanced--thanks again!

  7. Cannot wait to hear all about it!!

  8. Awesome pics!!! I love EXPO's :)

  9. That expo looked like a blast! Great pics!

  10. Mike Flexing = GREAT!

    You+Guitar = AWESOME!

    Can't wait to read the race report....this is like watching 24 with all the suspense....c'mon BBF put up the post already.

  11. You look way better than I have looked at any race expo before. I think the entire weekend of a race I'm in race gear and a runner's hat. You rock those boots!

  12. Can't wait to read your take on the race and hear what you thought about it!

  13. Tried to eyeball you at the strip. You must be way ahead of me. I did the 1/2 mary. Baka sa susunod na takbo. Congrats on your 1st Full Mary.

  14. Super photos! You really had a good time at the expo. Looking forward to your report!

  15. looks like you had mega fun at the expo!


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