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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Filipino Christmas (Part 3): The Party Continues!

Hope you were able to read Part 2 yesterday.  Pam commented, "I wanna be  Filipino when I grow up!" Hahaha!  But wait, I'm not done yet.  Yes, there's more!  This is the last, promise. =)

So what do we do on Christmas day?  The 24th is obviously a night without sleep since the celebration continues right into the next day.  On December 25, we usually go to the Christmas party of another relative.  These are usually the in-laws.  It really depends.  The Philippines is a small country compared to the U.S., so relatives really live close by.

In our case, we go to my grandparents' house.  The party starts at lunch time of Dec. 25, and lasts until about midnight.  We eat MORE FOOD, play games, we sing, and the children are asked to perform like they're on a talent show.  So if you can sing, dance or play an instrument, the better.  Because if the older people love it, you get more money! Hahaha!

My cousin playing his guitar while my grandfather listens sleeps. Hahaha!
and my grandmother handing out envelopes of money to us. Yey! 
my grandparents playing a game with us..and both of them hugging after they won! Sweet, no? That's me laughing in the background!

Oh yeah, before I forget, Filipino runners also have a Christmas tradition known as the Noche Buena Run.  I did that yesterday.  Did some speedwork actually so I didn't feel any guilt eating so much food during our Noche Buena meal.  Woohoo!

Well, that's about it.  Hope you enjoyed reading all three parts of the Filipino Christmas as much I enjoyed telling you about it.  Our cultures may be different but in many way, they are almost alike, right?  And at least now you know, that if a Filipino invites you to their party (Christmas or any other gathering) prepare yourself by not eating the whole day.  You'll need the space in your tummy for all that grub.  LOL!

I'll be missing my family in the Philippines since this will be my very first Christmas here in the U.S.  And for sure, I'll be posting all about my Filipino-American Christmas soon! =)
My Reyes Family (All the cousins w/ our Grandparents).  Can you find me?  Look for the legs! LOL!
We may be miles away from our motherland, but we still make a conscious effort to celebrate this special occasion the Filipino way. But with some western touch as well.  =)

What are your special family traditions during the holiday season?

From my family to yours....

Maligayang Pasko sa Inyong Lahat 
(Merry Christmas to All of You!)!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Julie! How far is the Noche Bueno run?!

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Philipino Christmas photos!!

  2. Same to you Jess! the noche buena run is usually 24 kilometers coz it's done on the 24th of December =)

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for the lesson about Parols, I feel like I see them everywhere now.

  4. Thank you so much for the entire process of taking us through the Filipino Christmas. It was awesome to learn about.

    Hope Christmas was great.

  5. Merry Christmas Julie!

    My mother-in-law must be secretly Filipino because I can't walk in her house without gaining 10 pounds! :D

    I love learning about other cultures and have enjoyed reading about Christmas in the Phillipines!

  6. We have some traditions here at our house but I think the most odd one my mom does is hang new toothbrushes from her tree as ornaments. She handpicks the ones for her grandchildren to make sure they represent the right cartoon character for that child for that year, but she gets us adults new ones too.

  7. Merry Christmas Julie! What a beautiful family and wonderful traditions! My grandma gave out $$ in envelopes too-- gotta love it!

  8. Merry Christmas, Julie! I love your family picture - you look stunning! Thanks for all of the info on your Christmas and family traditions. It has been really great learning about other ways people celebrate Christmas! Have a great week!! ;)

  9. Looks like a Christmas full of love and happiness! Merry Christmas!

  10. Loved reading about your traditions back home - hope you had a Merry Christmas, Julie!

  11. Thank you for all the Christmas post, Julie. This surely made me miss the PI. I've spent four Christmases here in the US doing nothing but WORK. No simbang gabi, no Noche Buena, no parols, no gift giving, nothing. It's quite sad. Yes, this is one of those big sacrifices I had to make. Soon enough, I can celebrate Christmas here the Pinoy way.

    I hope yours was a great one! :)

  12. Nice. Definitely one thing about any filipino gathering is that there is no shortage of food. I LOVE it!

    I enjoy the balance of having both filipino and American food at parties. I am slowly learning how to cook some dishes. Let's just say that my preschooler really enjoyed my chicken adobo the past 2 nights.

    Just looking at your pics of food makes me hungry. And yes I really enjoy eating, so that is another reason why I started running.


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