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Thursday, December 16, 2010

3 Things Thursday: Training, Thank You & A Social Newtork

1.  Training - Started my training for the 13.1 Los Angeles Event this Monday.  Back to running after one week of rest and recovery from my marathon 2 weeks ago. Ran 11K this Monday and 3K yesterday.  Glad I didn't feel lazy to start running again which I heard is usually the case after completing your first full marathon.

2. Thank you - I know I've thank you all already for all the advice and words of encouragement you sent my way before my marathon.  But I'd like to also thank my runner friends from the Philippines who sent me this video the day before my big event.  It's some of the runners wishing me well for my very first full mary....

And after, Team CB (also from the motherland) made this for me...

Are they sweet or what?  I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

3.  A Social Network for Athletes - Blog buddy, Patrick Mahoney from created The Endurance Athlete Project so that we athletes could connect with each other.
"Whether you are a triathlete, marathoner, road cyclist, mountain biker, trail runner or are involved in any sport which calls for endurance and stamina, our goal is that over time we can provide both a plethora of useful resources along with new personal connections to like minded individuals."
So do sign up if you haven't yet!

It's still in its infancy stage but is slowly coming to maturity with more and more athletes signing up daily.  I told Patrick, if this becomes as huge as Facebook and he becomes really popular (and rich!) to not forget us. Hahaha!  This project of his has so much potential, don't you think? Now why didn't I think of this? 



  1. That's the most awesome thing ever!!! I would've cried... ok let's be honest I almost did just watching it and I'm not even you! You have a great group there girl!

    Welcome back to running!

  2. Yay for another race:) You are amazing. Thanks for the link...I am excited to check it out!

  3. girl you are crazy for starting training so soon after the marathon ;) but in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out I appreciate it. The only thing I'm getting out of EAP now is sleep deprivation but it's fun so I hope your readers sign up.

  5. Good job on starting training again. I need to kick my own butt and get to running again. I'm still in this "I just finished a marathon!" mentality, in both not-exercising, and in eating.

  6. Isn't EAP fun? Lots of potential, good to see you joined!

  7. Got to sign up for this. Heard its the facebook for athletes?

  8. Loving EAP for sure!!

    That is so cool what your friends did for you, makes me smile, must have made you so happy!!

    Welcome back to training!


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